Today’s Snippet (6-11-2013)

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Sean Langdon cursed as he watched the shuttle land. Not that anyone could hear anything over the scream of the turbines, but he did it anyway. Don’t waste lives?? Is that all the old fool could say after screwing the pooch?  

How’d those starships work for you, Admiral?

Did leadership know what they were doing? Only a low grade moron would think that starships and four missile launchers alone could to defend headquarters. Now he was expected to clean up a Charlie Foxtrot that could’ve been prevented!

The shuttle’s ramp dropped and a silver haired woman raced across the work area, wearing a body hugging blue and silver suit, as his people opened fire. What the hell? Is that body armor? Look at how she moved!!

She slid to a stop behind a pallet of battle steel as marines poured from the craft, along with two more silver haired women wearing the same type suit. He counted the troops. Forty five? That’s it? Perhaps his estimates had been off because there should’ve been more. His troops were in key strategic locations, so Sean was confident he could hold the facility, but it wouldn’t be a pretty.

Using a half circle formation, with a heavy emphasis on the center and right sides, he’d made it next to impossible for them to hit him head on or pull a flanking action. The only chink in the armor was the left side. While troop numbers had necessitated the decision, there were few places for an attacker to hide, and what did exist could only hold no more than four or five people.

He leaned over until his mouth was inches from one of his Lieutenant’s ear. “Keep an eye on that girl on the left!”

“Which one, sir?”

“The silver haired one who lead the charge!”

“Got it,”

“Don’t take unnecessary casualties, Parker. If you’re getting creamed, then pull back and we’ll fight them inside the building.”

“Yes, sir,”

Bullets flew by overhead as Sean crawled back across the room and then took refuge inside the building. How the hell could someone so young be so confident?? It shouldn’t be possible! The girl couldn’t be more than twenty but behaved like she was fifty!

I hope you’ve prayed to whatever God you worship, Almir, but you’ll be meeting him soon.




Talia raced down the ramp and then sprinted for cover. Time slowed to a crawl, with each second feeling like a minute as a hailstorm of bullets descended on her. A deep bass-like echoed inside her head. Tha-thump. Tha-thump. Individual slugs spun through the air before one touched her hair, tearing a path through her locks before continuing on its way.

Another bullet passed by, missing her face by inches as she hit the ground and slid to safety like a runner stealing home plate. She scrambled on hands and knees, making room for her fire team, as time returned to normal. Her chest heaved, and sweat ran down her face, as she leaned against the steel. Talk about close! She wiped the sweat away with the back of a gloved hand.

Ready, Talia? Let’s do this, girl.

She side rolled and then rose up into a kneeling position. The rifle kicked hard against her shoulder, its roar loud enough to make her teeth rattle, and flame erupted from the suppressor. Bullets tore through a rebel soldier’s armor, knocking him over, and then ripped him apart.

Enemy bullets descended upon her like locusts but she held her ground. They pinged off her armor, each one making her flinch, as she continued to fire. Out of the corner of her eye, Talia saw Brady racing for safety as the rifle’s counter dropped towards zero.

“Brady!” She growled. “Move that ass!”

T hit zero and she rolled to her left and back into safety, as the last marine crossed the deadly opening. She used her feet to push herself across the ground and then ejected the empty magazine. Sweat dripped into her eyes, making them sting, as she rammed a new one home.

Another quick wipe with her hand and she was back in business. Everyone was there, which was all she asked for. Bad thing was they looked at her like lost puppies and she sighed.

 “Welcome to the big time, kids,” She thumbed on the throat mike. “It seems our friends didn’t like us dropping in on them,”

“They’re just pissed we didn’t call ahead and bring pizza and beer,” Methos said. “You know how humans are ‘bout the Super Bowl.”

“Is that today?” Crios asked. “No wonder they’re touchy! They want to check out the latest ads.”

Talia smiled slightly “I’m betting it’ll be some booze commercial that wins.”

“You think?” Methos fired off a few rounds. “Got any bright ideas of how to get us out of this mess?”

“I’m working on it,” she said, “but Team Delta will be here shortly.”

“I hope Dannae would hurry up,” Crios said. “I’m feeling like the donkey in a game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey.’”

Talia crawled peeked around the end of the pallet and cursed softly. The sightlines were horrible. A bulldozer stood ten yards away and it’d give her a better view, but could she count of the kids to cover her?

“Brady! Get over here!”

The Private’s voice shook slightly. “Yes, Ma’am,”

“Get with the program and cover me!”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Brady scrambled away. Hopefully that took care of the problem for a couple minutes.

Provided they didn’t die first.

“Brady, get ready!”

“I’m on it!”

Marines moved into position and their rifles started to roar as Talia rolled to her feet and then sprinted towards the safety of the ‘dozer. Good kids! Now, if they just keep it up long enough…

She raced across the opening and then leapt for cover behind the ‘dozer before landing on her knees and sliding to a stop. The rifle’s steel grip felt warm in her hands as she crawled to the far end of the vehicle and then bellied down.  

She thumbed on the mike. “Is it wrong to say that I missed this?”

“Here we go again,” Methos groaned. “You’re getting back into combat mode again aren’t you?”

“What do you think I’m supposed to do? Knit socks and bake cookies??”

“Hey,” Crios said. “At least let her talk!”

“You stay out of this, wonder woman!” Methos chided. “Because the minute Miss Leap Before Looking comes up with the plan, you’re going to go chasing after her like a puppy.”

“Will not!”

“Will too!”

“Do you two numb skulls mind?” Dannae interrupted. “I can’t hear myself think over here!”

“Dannae,” Talia said. “Where are you?”

“Still closing on the front,” she said. “It’s slow going. They planted enough land mines to make a Creoth jealous. We have to disable as we go.”

“Great,” she sighed. “You guys just keep holding the line, I’m going to take care of the problem.”

“And here comes the bad idea,” Methos said.

“Pipe down pipsqueak,”

“I’ve got your pipsqueak…”

“What do you plan to do?” Crios asked.

“I’m going to use the left flank to get behind their lines. Should cause one hell of a mess,”

“There’s no cover over there,” Crios observed.

“It’s enough for me and four marines,”

“Oh, good-o!” Methos said. “She’s at it again. Anyone want to place a bet with me that I’ll have to bail her ass out?”

“That’s a sucker bet,” Dannae said dryly.

Talia gritted her teeth. “Just keep them busy, ok??”

“Can do,” Methos’ tone turned serious. “Just keep your damn head down, ok?”

“I plan to,”

“So, Skipper, what’s the plan??”

Talia made a face. “Brady? What the hell are you doing over here?”

Brady blinked innocently. “I thought you needed some help,” she smiled slyly. “And I brought friends,”

She looked over her shoulder. “I thought I told you guys to stay put,”

“Sorry, Skipper,” Brady said. “I didn’t hear that order.”

She shot Brady a “you’re so full of it” look. “Fine, but you follow my orders to the letter from here on out. This won’t be a cake walk.”

“I’m a marine; I didn’t sign up for easy.”

“You’ve got guts, Georgia; I’ll give you that.” Talia looked at the defensive positions again. “We’re going to keep moving to the right and wait for Dannae.” She smiled like a shark. “Somehow I get the feeling these guys aren’t going to tip the delivery woman,”


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