Today’s Snippet 6-12-2013



Talia peered around the corner and then raced down the passageway before sliding to a stop, with her back against the wall. The sound of her breath whistled in her ears as sweat ran down her face. It dripped down to land on the front of her dirty armor before she wiped her brow with the back of her hand.

Surprisingly, she hadn’t run into any resistance, which proved worrisome. The Cabal had plenty of time to arrange some nasty traps. This meant they were either herding her towards one or she’d been freakishly lucky. And given how things were, Talia give credence to the herding idea.

They’re going to learn the one thing you never, ever put in a trap is me.

She slowly moved down the corridor towards a four way intersection. Battles inside buildings were always ugly and something she hated with a passion. There were too many places for an enemy to hide and then attack before anyone could react.

A soft click caused Talia to perk up, and then wave a hand. Soft crackling of leather tickled her ears and she raised an eyebrow. Interesting. So they had been herding her towards an ambush and couldn’t have picked a better place either.

Damned clever if you ask me.

“Who’s got the flash bangs?”

Brady reached down to her belt and then handed one to Talia. A wolfish smile darkened the warrior’s face as she held the circular charge in her hand and then set the timer. So, the Cabal thought they were smart with their little ambush, eh?

She checked the counter of her rifle. “On the count of three, got it? One…two..three…!”

Talia pulled the pin, dropped to a knee and then leaned around the corner before tossing the grenade. The charge slid across the smooth tile floor and towards the enemy as she ducked back into cover.

A brilliant flash of light, was followed by an eardrum rattling shockwave.  

Enemy soldiers staggered as she spun on a knee and into the corridor before assuming a firing position. The rifle spat fire and then kicked against her shoulder as the first Cabal member went down. She pushed herself across the floor, firing as she moved, as the marines joined in.

Despite the processor’s best efforts, her ears rang as the battle raged. A woman turned to run, catching Talia’s attention and she shot the fleeing Cabal soldier in the back before sliding across the intersection into the safety on the other side.

Talia ejected the spent magazine and replaced it. After all the years fighting the Dragus, she’d forgotten how useful concussion grenades were. While they were part of the Gahl arsenal, the weapons weren’t effective against the biomechanical soldiers, which meant the only times she used them was when they fought against the Creoth or Sladen.

The gun battle ended and Talia rounded the corner as cries of pain echoed off the walls. Cheikra, the carnage was awful, even by her standards, but what she would have to do next  was worse. None of the wounded would survive long enough for medical personnel to reach them, which meant she had to be merciful.

I doubt outsiders would see it as that.

A single shot echoed around her as she put the first Cabal soldier out of her misery. Each time Talia pulled the trigger if galled her to no end because no one should have to take lives like this. Could someone tell her why the hell did any of this have to happen?? When would everyone learn that greed and lust for power never ended well?

This is such a fucking waste of good lives.  

Muffled gunfire filtered down the corridors, and she stopped to concentrate on the sound. Could Dannae’s team have made it in already?

“Dannae, are you inside?” She said.

“No, I’m sitting here having a damned quilting bee! Where do you think I am? I’ll call you when I’m not so busy! Bye!”




Dannae swore as bullets bounced off the wall. Things were going smoothly ‘til encountering the first ambush. Since then, it’d been nothing but a single running gun battle as she moved from corridor to corridor.

A few seconds ago, she lost her point woman and Dannae kicked herself over it. Now she’d have to explain to a grieving family that their child was gone. This kind of crap happened to Talia, not her!

I should’ve known better! I’m twenty thousand years old! Think, Dannae, think!

She leaned out and drilled a Cabal soldier before a hailstorm of bullets descended on her. If this was how it was going to be, then it’d take forever to meet up with Talia. And in the worst case Talia might have to come save them!

And she’d never hear the end of it from Methos either. For someone so short, her sister certainly had a big mouth! But then, Dannae thought wryly, she always did.

She leaned out and fired several times before Talia’s voice sounded in her ear. “Dannae, are you inside?”

A flash of anger caused her fair skin to flush. “No, I’m sitting here having a damned quilting bee! Where do you think I am? I’ll call you when I’m not so busy! Bye!”

Yes, this would take a long time indeed…




Crios moved past the bodies of the fallen Cabal soldiers and then into the cargo bay where Methos waited. Sweat had straightened out her sister’s curly hair, and the perspiration made Methos’ face shine. It wasn’t hard to see why the guys would be enamored with her. However, it didn’t hurt to have a bubbly, flirtatious personality either!

Talia’s plan was working so far, and that alone proved impressive given some of the duds she’d whipped up before. When she’d first presented the plan, it’d been met with skepticism. Splitting up their forces into two groups? It didn’t make sense, but Talia had insisted it’d work. And damn if it hadn’t!

She looked at Methos. “From the sounds of it, one of us needs to bail Dannae out.”

“You do that,”

“Me? Why don’t you?”

“Because Dannae’s got a head on her shoulders,” Methos said. “And it’ll keep you from following Miss ‘I know what I’m doing’ and then getting all over stupid.”

“I would not!”

“And how many times have I had to bail your ass out?” Methos said with a twinkle in her eye.

“You’ve got me there,”

“Damn right I do,”

“So, what’s your excuse then?”

“Someone’s gotta save our genius sister,” Methos said primly. “You know how she likes to get into trouble.”

“She certainly doesn’t think much, does she?”

“Neither do you,” Methos winked. “But I still love you, don’t I?”


“Oh, you’re killing me over here!”

Crios bumped armored forearms with her sister.

“Let’s do this.” Methos said. 


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