Serialized Novel Chapter 1 Part 2




The Senate Majority Leader, a kindly old woman who looked more like a Grandmother than a politician, spoke up. “From what you said, Talia, you were lucky to kill the ones in the past. Armed with the knowledge, what are we supposed to do?”

Talia stood up and then crossed the room to stand in front of the window. “What are we supposed to do…” she crossed her arms. “I don’t have a clue.”


“Just what I said, Madam,” She closed her eyes. “I fought them for twenty thousand years…had billions of soldiers and sailors under my command…and still couldn’t beat them.”

“There’s got to be something you can do!” The Speaker said.

Talia went to say something but Track cut her off.

“Calm down, everyone. We don’t know for sure that the Dragus are truly behind this.” She looked at Talia. “Didn’t you say there were possibilities that there could be crashed ships spread throughout the galaxy?”

Talia opened her eyes and watched a bolt of lightning strike the deflector shield around the Washington Monument. “More like a certainty, I’m afraid.”

“Could someone have found one of those vessels?”

“That’s within the realm of reason,” Talia sighed. “And the ships weren’t invincible in my time but…”


“They changed over the thousands of years,” she said. “Those three were quicker, stronger and adapted quickly to anything I threw at them. I couldn’t even beat one with my cybernetic body, which means we’re in deep shit if is them.”

“You were vague in your report about how the Dragus converted the soldiers,” The Speaker said.

She turned to look at the man. “They change a person at the genetic level, replacing part of their DNA with mechanical code. Each warrior grows the mechanical parts rather than taking over the body. This means you can’t remove the implants because they’d grow back within no more than two hours.”


Talia turned and walked back across the room towards her seat. “But that’s the worst case scenario. We don’t know if the Dragus are truly behind the attack or not. So, I guess my sisters and I will have to investigate things again.”

The room dimmed, causing the overhead lighting to start to brighten, as the light from outside was cut. Talia glanced at the wall for a second. For a second she watched the shadow as it moved back and forth rapidly.

That’s not right, she thought.

She turned around and her eyes grew wide. A needle nosed shuttle hovered outside the building. The water ran down its sloped cockpit windows and cascaded from both wings. Cannons, one on each wing, and a third on the top of the fuselage, turned towards her. Below the cockpit, built into the nose of the craft, a small sensor array spun around and shot a blue light into the room.

“Down!” Talia shouted as she dove for the floor.

A deafening roar shook as glass exploded inwards, striking the Speaker of the House. In a horrifying instant, she watched the razor sharp shard tear into his throat, nearly decapitating him, before he crumpled to the floor. Blood rapidly started to pool around the corpse as Talia clenched her hands into fists.

Bullets tore through the Whips, tearing both men apart before they struck the walls. The high velocity, armor piercing rounds punched through the sheetrock and into the hallway outside as the pilot continued to spray the room.

Capital police raced it the room, carrying assault rifles and handheld missile launchers. The shuttle titled on its axis and a flood of bullets passed overhead. They struck the officers, blasting their bodies apart, spraying the blood on the devastated walls, as the firestorm continued.

I’ve got to do something!

Talia belly crawled across the blood covered floor towards the nearest officer. Another rush of bullets passed inches above her head and she buried her face into the red liquid. It ran up her nose, choking her, and she started to cough as she wrapped her fingers around the rifle’s barrel.

Officers continued to approach the office and Talia heard them die as she turned around and then started to crawl towards the window. A .14 mm rifle against an assault shuttle? The damn thing wouldn’t even dent the craft, but it would draw the pilot’s attention. And, she thought bitterly, I can take a lot more pounding then they can.

She side rolled and then rose up onto a knee as she raised the rifle. It kicked hard against Talia’s shoulder as flame shot from the suppressor. Metal flared at the bullets struck the shuttle’s thick armor and then bounced off into the storm.

The craft spun towards her, the cannons going silent for a moment before the nose dipped a little. A woman with black and red hair looked at Talia and then snarled as she brought the craft back to a firing position. Talia moved to drop to the floor when she spotted Track crawling towards the door.

“Stay down you fool!” She yelled but the politician went to stand up. “Oh, fuck!”

Talia leapt to her feet, firing as she did, as Track stumbled towards the door. Aboard the shuttle, the pilot adjusted her angle and then pressed the firing button. Flame burst from the wings as the cannons opened up and red tracers tore towards Talia.

An unseen fist slammed into her chest, throwing her backwards, as burning pain filled her mind. Talia’s arms went dead and the rifle fell to the floor as the bullets tore through synthetic skin, into the metal chassis underneath and then deep into the vital systems underneath.

The agony quickly surpassed her ability to cope and she screamed at the impacts slammed her back into the wall, pinning her there, as the armor piercing rounds continued to destroy vital systems. Dear, Cheikra let the President have gotten away!

She turned her head slightly and watched in horror as several bullets struck Track, blasting her apart. A spray of red coated Talia’s face as she lost feeling in her lower body. Still, the bullets continued and the warrior heard the sound of something heavy hitting the floor and it dully registered in her mind what it was.

My legs!



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