Firestorm (serialized Novel) Chapter 1 completion





Methos grunted as she struggled to help Dannae get Talia’s body down the steps. “Where’s the shuttle??”

“In the courtyard outside!”

The rain lashed at them as they drug Talia across the open area towards the waiting shuttle. Its nose and wing tips glowed red in testimony to the rapid re-entry only a couple minutes before. Two marines, each armed with shoulder fired anti-shuttle missile launchers, stood guard at the base of the exit ramp as she and Dannae entered the shuttle.

She laid Talia on the floor and tried to catch her breath to order the craft to lift off, but the marines were one step ahead of her. The guards raced into the passenger compartment as the ramp closed behind them and the shuttle rattled and shook as the pilot throttled up the engines.

Methos dropped to her knees and then pulled Talia’s head tight to her as Dannae reached behind her and rummaged through her equipment bag. The tears started to roll again and she cursed the people who carried out the atrocious act. They’ll pay for this if it’s the last thing that I do!

Dannae pulled out a large cable. “Got it! Methos, flip her over!”

She grunted as it took all her strength to flip Talia over to lie face down on the deck as Dannae rammed the end of the cable into the base of Talia’s neck. The warrior-healer then plugged it into the shuttle’s main power system before leaning back and running both hands through her long, straight hair.

“Thank, Cheikra!” Dannae said.

Methos stroked Talia’s hair. “Will she live?”

“Her brain will,” Dannae said, “but I don’t know about her body. I might have to build a new one.”

“And how long will that take?”

“A week or two tops.”

“That’s a long time for the trail to grow cold, sis.”

“Not much can be done about it now. Let’s just consider ourselves lucky that they didn’t kill her.”

“There is that,”

“If I have to rebuild her body,” Dannae said, “then I’ll have a decision to make. Change her appearance or keep it the same.”

“Let Talia make that decision,”

“How? She can’t speak.”

“Doesn’t the cybernetics allow her to interface with computers?”

“Yes, but I don’t get what you’re…” Dannae’s eyes grew wide. “Are you…?”

“Talking about having April interface with her?” Methos raised both eyebrows. “It’d allow us to communicate with her, and keep her from being ‘asleep’ and out of the loop.”

“You know, I never thought of that,”

“That’s why I do all the thinking around here,”

“Keep it up, mushroom,”

“Watch it beanpole,”

Dannae leaned back against the seats and then slid to the floor. “You’re lucky I’m too tired to get you back for that one.”

Methos looked over her shoulder. “How long before we reach the ship?”

“Eight minutes,” the pilot said.

She looked down at Talia. “Don’t worry, Little Miss Perfect, we’re going to find who did this and make them pay. You can guarantee that.”



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