Serialized Novel

Between everything on my plate and regular life, I’m only getting 2-3 pages typed at a time when I sit down to work on it. Looking at my plate, I now know how full-time writers feel.

I have the first Talia novel to finish a third draft edit on, the second is waiting for a rewrite, and I’ve wrote to first 3 chapters of the third also. Throw in the ‘Mickie Brandon’ novel and that’s a total of four on the plate along with this one. So, you can see how it’s a struggle to get things posted in a regular manner. Hopefully you can bear with me.

Throw in the fact that I’m addicted to blogging-and playing Scarlet Blade when I need stress relief-and things get crazier then a three legged dog on a hot tin roof.

I’ll get there though.



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