The Hunt Chapter 2 Part 2 6-28-2013




Can I at least keep my hair the same length? I kind of like it this way,”

“That’s easy,” Dannae said. “Now, what will it be?”

“Given how much trouble I’ve gotten myself into over the past four years, it might be better if I did change my appearance.”

“I take that as a yes,”

Methos chuckled. “Look at it this way, it may be an improvement.”

“What did you say, tiny?”

“Hey, no fair!”

“At least they didn’t make me a ditzy girl for my cover,” Talia said before she laughed evilly. “But then, you’ve always been one.”

“Oh, you’re so going to pay for that when Dannae finishes,”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Promises, promises…all you can do is gnaw at my knee.”

“Why I’ll show you…”

“Hey,” Dannae said. “This isn’t the time or place…”

“Stay out of this string bean,” Talia grumbled. “This is between A and B and you see your way out of it.”

“String bean??” Dannae looked at herself. “I’m thin but I’m not that thin.”

“A stick on two legs doesn’t have anything on you!”

Dannae sputtered. “Why…why…I’m going to get you!”

“Gee the two of you want to pick on me at the same time. Tsk tsk, talk about trying to stack the odds in your favor.”

“And who’s running off where only fools would go?” Methos asked. “That would be you, Little Miss Perfect!” Methos changed her tone to a sarcastic, patronizing one. “And who always bails you out? Hmm…I think I’ll take ‘How many times will Methos save me this time’ for eight hundred, Alex.”

“When did you get such a grasp of human slang?” Dannae asked.

“The same time you got some common sense,”

“Me! Me? I lacked common sense?? I believe I’ve bailed you out a fair amount of times too.”

“Only when I’ve gotten stuck bailing Talia out when another of her ‘can’t miss plans’ misses,”

“This is always,”

“Got a point,”

“Hello,” Talia said. “In the room!”

“Oh,” Methos said with mock surprise. “I’m sorry, Talia, didn’t’ know you were here.”

“Yeah right,” Talia said. “Go ahead and make a new body, Dannae. How will it stack up against the old one?”

“It’ll be lighter and stronger,” Dannae said. “So, you’ll be faster than you were before and a lot more durable. However…” Dannae clicked her tongue. “That doesn’t give you license to be all over stupid and get killed.”

“Yes, mother,”

“I’m not your mother,” Dannae said, “Or I’d’ve sent you to bed without supper for this stunt.”

“Hey! It wasn’t my fault!”

“That’s what you always say!”

“She’s got a point,” Methos added.

“Keep digging that hole deeper, Mushroom.”

Methos looked at the ceiling and wisely chose to keep her mouth shut.


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