7-10-2013 Snippet From Third Novel

This is from one I’m going to be working on in the not too distant future. I’ve gotten around to writing a rough draft of the first chapter, which this is part of, and chapter’s 2-3 and a couple paragraphs of 4.  It should be interesting for those who read the first two.  That’s all I’m going to say.

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Talia De’Zahna approached the exhibit and then licked her lips. The small, gold colored cylindrical device looked like a simple ancient artifact, but was anything but. Seven hundred years in the future it would be used by terrorists to destroy an entire planet, killing billions.

It felt cool in her hands as the silver haired warrior picked up and then placed it into the backpack. Good, that would keep the fanatics from using it. Now to get out of dodge before the security patrols caught her.

Despite all the planning that went into the heist, nothing prepared her for the sheer amount of police officers prowling the Smithsonian exhibit. A Creoth munitions plant had nothing over the number of guards the museum employed. It was no wonder they hadn’t suffered a theft in decades.

Until now.

She slipped back into the shadows and moved towards the fire escape. The device had been built, against her vehement protests, by her people as a planet killer during the Great War. Over the centuries, the politicians ordered its use over a thousand times and it did nothing to stop the Dragus advance. The only thing it accomplished was to murder a planet so no one could colonize it for millions of years.

A guard approached and she pressed herself against the wall and sucked in a deep breath. Buried this far into the shadows no one should see her but the warrior knew there were no such thing as ‘should’ during missions. And furthermore, if there was a time for Murphy to show his ugly mug now would be it.

The man whistled an AC/DC tune as he walked by and she kept an eye on him the entire time. Just keep moving. Don’t notice the woman hiding in the shadows.

He stopped in his tracks before reaching down and yanking the radio off his belt. A short, curt conversation followed and then a siren wailed as the lights returned to full intensity, illuminating the shadows. Talia, who had been in mid-stride, came to a stop and then looked over her shoulder.

Oh, crap! Time to go!

She started to run towards the fire escape when two more officers rounded a corner, blocking her escape. Great! That’s just all I needed! Now what to do?

The two armed guards spotted her and the reached for the weapons while one yelled at her to stop. She whipped her head around and looked behind her before cursing. Three more guards were racing towards her. How did they know I was here?

“This is fun,”

She activated her neural link. Bad news guys.

Methos sighed. “Let me guess, you got yourself caught.”

They knew I was here!

Crios clicked her tongue. “Why does that not surprise me? Do you have any idea about how to be ‘subtle?’?”

It wasn’t my fault!!

“I warned you about the number of guards and security systems,” Dannae added. “Obviously you didn’t listen.”

That’s not important right now! I might end up polluting the time line some.

Methos paused for a moment. “Nothing can be done about that now.”

You just stand by at the motorcycle. Looks like I’ll be doing some fancy riding to get us out of here.


Talia looked at both groups and then sighed before rolling her eyes. There wasn’t a chance in hell that she was going to give the device back to them. To do so would allow the fanatics to steal it from the museum in the future which would qualify as a Bad Thing.

So, what to do? The police officers had her surrounded and it was another forty yards to the nearest window. While the three story fall wouldn’t harm her cybernetic body, it would draw more attention to her meeting Methos then she cared for. But what choice did she have?

The whole situation, from the terrorists to their having to come back in time, bordered on the ludicrous. None of this would be happening if her people had just destroyed the thing when the Spanish conquered the Mayans. But no! They had to flee, leaving it behind, so later generations could find it.

If they weren’t all dead, I’d kill them!

She shook her head. “Sorry, guys, but I don’t have time for this.”

She exploded into action, her legs pushing her forwards like twin pistons, before dropping to the smooth floor. Momentum carried her forwards and she passed between two officers, leaving them stunned, before leaping to her feet and racing towards the window.

Are you where you’re supposed to be Methos?

“Where else would I be? I don’t know how to drive a motorcycle,”

Well I’m coming to you a lot hotter than I wanted.

“Great, is this another one of your patented ‘can’t miss plans’ going south?”

I wasn’t expecting the police to find the missing device this quickly.

Dannae cleared her throat. “I remember specifically telling you that their security system was better than you thought.”

Just make sure the pilots are ready to dust off!

You can guarantee that. I don’t plan of being the guest of honor to a US military interrogation.”

The officers spun around and then started to pursue. One of them yelled in her radio as they tried to catch up. Fools. They had zero chance of outrunning her, but could they get more personnel in place to keep her from reaching the window?

Well, one thing was for certain. This little caper would go down in history for its audacity. Hopefully, with any luck, no one would put two plus two and learn who perpetrated it or things would be worse than before they came back in time.

Too late to worry about that now.

Another guard rounded the corner, blocking the way to the window, and Talia cursed under her breath. How many people did that have in the building? Did they call in personnel from other locations to handle her? It was stupid of me to ignore Dannae’s report on this place’s security.

She approached the man and then leapt into the air. His eyes grew wide and he ducked on instinct as she flew past only inches from where his head had been earlier. The floor rushed up to greet her and Talia extended both arms, used them to absorb the impact and then forward rolled back to her feet.

This is so not a Good Idea!

The window loomed ahead and Talia jumped at it headfirst and then raised both arms up to protect her face. Glass exploded outwards, the shards gleaming in the fluorescent lighting like snowflakes and then she was through.

A sickening feeling of falling gripped Talia’s stomach as she somersaulted in midair and then then landed in a runners crouch. She looked upwards and then waved at the officers before sprinting down the sidewalk beside Twelfth Street. Methos had better be where she was supposed to be!

She raced towards Madison Avenue, passing the traffic moving along the expressway, ignoring the looks from the stunned drivers. Behind her the external alarms started to wail and sirens sounded in the distance. This was going to be close!

Traffic flowed westbound along Madison Avenue as she approached and then entered it. Drivers slammed on the brakes, honked their horns, and a few raised their hand up and made a rude gesture. She ignored them and kept moving until a police car slid to a stop in front of her.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

The officers inside made a move to exit the car as she jumped towards them. She landed on the hood, leaving a big dent, and then slid across it to land on her feet on the other side. If I get out of this, I’m never ignoring Dannae again!

Yellow river rock crunched under her feet as she raced along the mall towards their meeting point on Jefferson street. This was turning into the biggest fiasco she’d seen in a long, long time. What the hell went wrong? How did they manage to catch her with such primitive technology?

Behind her, steadily falling behind, she could hear the sounds of the pursuing officers. If, and that was a big one, she did everything right with starting the motorcycle, then they’d be gone before the foot patrols could reach them. Judging from the number of sirens and how they were steadily growing closer, it was going to take some fancy riding to get away from the vehicles that would be pursuing them.

You know sometimes there are days where you wish you stayed in bed, and this for Talia was turning into one of them. Last night she’d met with Alliance leadership, and now she was being chased by every man and his brother. The things she did for the humans!

Methos was leaning of the motorcycle as Talia raced up and then looked over her shoulder. Good. The foot patrols were sixty yards behind them. Time to get the Ducati fired up and gets the hell out of there.

Methos shook her head. “Mess up again, Little Miss Perfect?”

“Shut up and get on the bike!”

“Don’t blame me for your screw ups!”

Methos sat down on the back seat as Talia straddled the bike and then flipped the switch to bring the electronics online. Fuel pump ready? Check! Clutch in the proper position? Yes! Time to leave!

She rammed her foot down on the kick start and the large v-twin motor roared to life. The sound of the motor as she revved it up and down drowned out the voices of the pursuing officers. A quick look over her shoulder and Talia started to open up the throttle.

“Hang onto me tight!”

Methos wrapped her arms around Talia’s lower chest like a bear griping a tree. “Don’t you worry about that!”

“Hold on!”

The motor screamed as Talia revved it up near the limit and then let out the clutch, causing the rear wheel to spin and create a small cloud of smoke. She reduced the throttle a bit and the tire bit into the asphalt before the acceleration pressed both of them backwards.

“Holy shit! Talia! I’m going to kill you for getting me on this thing!”

She raced through a hole in traffic and then started to run between the two rows of cars. “I didn’t tell you to come along!”

“Someone had to keep you in line!”

“Fine! Then live with it!”


Four police cars pulled the stop, blocking traffic and Talia slammed on the brakes. Damn, that was quick! They didn’t even have full digital communications and interoperability in 1999, so how in the world was law enforcement responding so quickly to them?

She yanked the bike around and then gunned it again. It raced forwards and she tore across the Mall, leaving a trail of ripped up grass behind her. Someone would be working overtime to repair the damage in the morning, but that wasn’t her problem. Keeping the device out of the humans’ hand was.

A hole opened up and she raced through it to start running west on Madison Avenue. The sounds of the sirens could be heard of the roar of the engine and Talia gritted her teeth. They were still too damn close! At this rate it’d take forever to reach the meeting point in Virginia!

Methos dug her fingers into the base of Talia’s breasts. “Hey! How do I get off this roller coaster? I don’t think I want to ride anymore!”

“Shut up and hang on!”

“Fuddy duddy!”

The light turned yellow and traffic stopped as they approached an intersection. Talia spotted the cars stopped on the left and right and licked her lips. Time it just right and they’d blast through and leave a lot of the pursuers behind. Mess it up, and they’d both the pancakes that someone would need a spatula to pick up.

Methos’ eyes grew wide as they approached the intersection. “Are you serious??? Don’t!!!”

Talia gunned the motor, revving it until it bumped against the rev limiter. “Hold on! We’ll make it!”

“No we won’t!”

“We’ll make it!”

The light turned green for the opposing traffic as they raced into the intersection. Cars closed in on both sides as the Ducati flew through the open space. In the corners of her eyes, Talia could see the two sets of vehicles closing in on them rapidly.

This was so not a good idea!

They shot through into the empty road beyond as the motorcycle continued to accelerate. To their left, the lights of the city, combined with the full moon, made the Lincoln memorial reflecting pool glitter like glass. As with the Mall, it still stood in the future, a testimony to the strength, vision and courage of the man who kept the United States together as a country.

She glanced over her shoulder. “Told you we’d make it!”

“I don’t know if that qualifies!”

“Does in my book,”

“Yours is filled with one syllable words so it doesn’t count!”

The wind whipped through her hair, making it flow behind as if a cape, as the Ducati continued to accelerate. Talia danced the cycle left and then right as she weaved through the traffic and away from the museum district. She peered over her shoulder and then sighed in relief. Good, they’d lost them.

They raced across another intersection and a set of sirens started to wail. Talia looked back and gritted her teeth over the pair of cycle cops pursuing. How many people did these guys have to throw at us?

She gunned the engine as the two BMW bikes started to close the distance. Damn, they had more speed than the Ducati! How was that possible?? This bike was the fastest on the street.

“You forgot about the police interceptors!”

She leaned the bike over hard as they made a high speed turn onto Constitution Avenue. This was turning into one major fiasco! Maybe next time she’d learn to listen to Dannae when going over mission briefings!

Methos leaned forwards. “I hope you’ve got something up your sleeve, Talia!”

“I’m working on it!”

“Great! Another time that you’ve screwed up and need help getting out of it! Turn right!”


“I said turn right!”

Traffic parted as Talia angled across the street and then into a circular park. Great! What the hell was Methos thinking?? This was a recreation center, not a road!

She looked back and cursed. The cops hadn’t finished chasing them yet. “Talk to me, short stuff! Where to??”

“Keep going straight!”

Talia yanked the Ducati up and they flew over the curb and onto the grass beyond. Clumps of freshly cut grass flew up and smacked her in the face as they tore across the ellipse. Behind them the police split up and raced around the park on the outer ring road. She gritted her teeth over the development. At this rate if she didn’t do something, they’d be boxed in before reaching the next street.

“Hold on!”

“Talia, what are you doing!”

The ride was bumpy and hard to control as she pushed the bike to the limit. Couples were sitting out on blankets, looking at the Washington Monument, as she approached. They stopped what they were doing and looked on in shock as the bike raced past without slowing.

She looked back at them and then smiled. I guess this’ll give you something to tell your friends about!

Lights lit up the night as they reached the far end of the ellipse and Talia’s eyes grew wide. The White House! Damn! I can’t ride this thing in there or the time line will really be polluted.

Both bike cops closed in, their sirens wailing, as she approached the curb. If she took the bike in there it’d get the Secret Service excited, which wasn’t a Good Thing. However, they also didn’t have any cars or motorcycles to pursue her with, which made it an enticing target. Oh hell, what’s a little more pollution at this point?

Methos’ eyes grew wide. “You’re not! Are you?”

“Hang on!”

She banked the bike hard to the right and then raced down the street towards the entrance. The two BMW’s, having been on pavement the entire time, started to eat up the distance. At the last minute, Talia turned left and then zig zagged through the anti-terrorist barriers before blasting past the outer secret service checkpoint.

“You do know they’ve got snipers around here!”

Talia looked up and counted the three men on the White House roof. If she kept the bike on a straight course towards the residence, then they’d have perfect firing angles on them and while she couldn’t be harmed by the rounds, Methos could, which meant ad libbing some more.

The bike skidded on the pavement as she swung it to the right and then raced across the lawn towards the service road. Behind them the snipers first rounds ricocheted off the pavement where they were moments before. She glanced at the roof and then smiled. Let’s see them make that shot now!

“When we get back to the ship, Talia, I’m going to kill you!”

“No you won’t! You love me too much!”

“Love only goes so far jackass!”


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