Shadow Walking

I am addicted to the MMORPG called ‘Scarlet Blade.’ Some folks like it because of the shameless tits and ass involved, but that’s not what drives me. What do I like about it? It’s my assassin called a “Shadow Walker.” I just love my character.

To set the scene, she has the ability to make herself invisible for 40 seconds at a time, or until striking, which makes her a silent killer. However, she’s also a paper claw, meaning that she’s got lots of offensive power but can’t take much of a pounding-meaning she dies easy. So, the trick is how to play her.

How do I do so? Well, I hunt with her, while a lot of others let folks come to them. Having a arkana (what the character’s are called. Shadow Walker is just a class) that can’t take a pounding means being sneaky.



I keep her invisible at all times until I strike. Anyone alone, hurt, etc is fair game and I’ll kill them!

This morning, I was on a rampage against the other faction. In less than ten minutes I’d already gotten 4 kills and it takes 4 minutes or so to reach the other side of the map via the route I take. One fell into my lap and the other three I patiently stalked and hit at the right time and place. Whammo! Perfect kills. That was until I ran into my kryptonite, a little Sentinel named Bang. He wiped the floor with me…lol…as usual. Suffice to say, I was laughing and smiling at my failed effort. Sometimes you win some, you lose some and that definitely was a ‘lose some’ time. Oh well, he played the kill of me very well and I’m still impressed. Sometimes, you have to stop and look at your ‘enemies’ and just smile. Some of them are truly good at what they do!

However, I love my Shadow Walker and won’t stop using her even when I pop out of Caer and am leveling up my Whipper, Medic and Sentinel.



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