7-25-2013 Snippet

comes from first novel





The wind howled as the storm ripped the freshly laid snow off the ice pack and threw it upwards to create a white fog. Even with her infrared vision visibility was less than twelve feet and she stopped and held onto a tree for support.

I hate snow planets!!

How stupid had it’d been to take off on a tangent! The battle continued to below and she was now cut off. They could break into the building, yet there she was, like an idiot, running the risk of getting lost.

The wind dropped and the whiteout conditions lifted. Hey! There it was, she thought. The hanger bay’s roof was less than twenty feet away and she involuntarily let out a scream of excitement. Maybe things hadn’t been so bad after all!

Two minutes and she’d be in position to get back into the game. Then they’d make short work of the enemy soldiers and then access the building.  Ambushes, and the bloody melees inside, were far preferable than spending one more minute the necessary in the freezing cold.

Talia struggled through knee deep snow to reach the edge of the roof. The TAC net had been silent for a long time and that worried her. It wasn’t like Methos not to chatter away, and neither Dannae nor Crios had spoken either.

At the very least they’d be complaining about my plan!

“Dannae!” Crios snapped. “Hit them with some RPG’s!”

What the hell are they doing??

“On the way!”

Are they out of their ever loving minds??

Talia covered her eyes as the murky evening turned to day before the sound of the explosion rattled her teeth. Idiots!! They can’t fire those things in these conditions!

She went to thumb on the throat mike and her eyes grew wide as a missile came towards her. No! They didn’t! Oh, crap! Time to run!

The missile struck ten yards away and she cried out as an invisible hand grabbed the base of her parka and flung her across the roof before she slammed face first into the snow.

The force of the impact yanked the hood back on her parka, allowing snow to pour through the opening in her face mask. Momentum drove her downwards until she hit the hard rock of the mountain, and blacked out for a second. Those fucking idiots!

Talia struggled upwards, much like a swimmer trying to reach the surface before bursting free. Snow covered the face sock, hopelessly soaking it, and her skin burned as if on fire. Great, the only thing protecting my face is now useless!

Thanks guys! Only an idiot fires the fucking things during a damn snow storm!!

She stood up, yanked the mask off in one angry move, before running a hand through her hair to straighten it. Morons! Can someone please tell me why I love them?? The three of them combined might have the common sense of a cantaloupe, and I think I might’ve insulted the melon!

The rifle was buried in the snow a couple feet away and she dug it out. A gust of wind lifted the hood of the parker up and threw it backwards. Great! The damn string is broken! Oh, I’m going to kill them.

“Hey! Quit shooting those things! Are you trying to kill me??”

“Talia!” Dannae said. “Where are you?”

“On the fucking roof, not that it matters to you braniacs!! I was about to snipe them when you fucking morons started throwing RPG’s around!”

“We were taking casualties down here!” Crios said.

“And did you think to ask where I was? I think that would be a big negatory!”

“We didn’t know you were up there!” Dannae said.

“Then use the damn com system! What do you think it’s there for? Decoration??”

“It’s your fault for not communicating your location,” Methos said.

“I was improvising! You try climbing a mountain in this stuff and talk!”

“You’re just mad because you messed up, Little Miss Perfect!”

“Quit calling me that!”




“Hey!” Dannae snapped. “Do you mind?”

“You stay out of this, beanpole!” Talia said.

“Beanpole? Who the hell are you calling a beanpole?!”

“If the shoe fits, wear it!”

“Oh, you are so in trouble!”

“Sue me!”

“Shut up, Talia,” Methos growled. “You’re in the spot you’re in because you were too stubborn to talk!”

“I was making things up as I went along!”

“Oh, here we go again. The weak ass excuse for your crazy actions.”

“Shut up, mushroom,”

That just got you serious trouble when we get back to the ship!”

“What are you going to do, gnaw on my knee?”

“I’ve got five knuckles that spell T-A-L-I-A!”

“Uh, guys,” Crios said. “We are in the middle of a battle!”

“And you’re the knucklehead who called for the damn RPG’s!” Talia said. “I’m kicking your ass when we get back to the ship!”

Crios gulped.

“I’m going to get into position! You three think you can avoid the temptation to fire off another RPG?”

“Got it,” Dannae said.

She checked the magazine. Good, a full load! Time to make them count!

A fist struck her between the shoulder blades and Talia stumbled, nearly falling off the roof, before righting herself. Where the hell did that come from?? She spun around and spotted a soldier, twenty feet away, rising up from a hydraulically opened hatch.

He fired again, the force of the bullet’s impact against her armor knocked Talia to her knees as she snapped the rifle into firing position. It spit orange fire as she fought to stand up. The armor piercing rounds bounced off the thick steel door and whizzed past as she continued to shoot.

The magazine ran dry and she ejected it and slammed a new one home as the man stood up. His eyes grew wide as she fired and the round caught him in the throat, spraying red blood over the door before slamming him backwards to land in the think snow.

She edged past the steaming patch of crimson colored now before peering over the edge. Time to slow down and think for a change. It wouldn’t help a thing to come so far and get her head blown off.

Besides, what did Methos always complain to me about doing? Oh, yeah, leaping before looking.

She looked down at the hanger bay floor far below and whistled. It was a good two hundred feet down, which was lower than expected. Either way, it was a long ways down-even if it wouldn’t hurt her body.

Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. She slid down the ladder and then turned around in time for a bullet to slam into the metal beside her head. Damn it, not again! Don’t these guys ever give up??

The soldier’s haste proved fatal as she dropped to a knee and then raised the rifle. The roar of the weapon echoed inside the cavernous room, making her wince. Two rounds struck him between the shoulder and chest, blowing his arm off, and spinning the man around like a top before he slammed into the railing and then screamed as he toppled over the edge.

The sound died abruptly as he struck the ground, the impact shattering every bone in his body, twisting his remaining arm and both legs in inhuman directions. A puddle of blood started to form under him and continued to grow as she watched. She stared for several seconds before cursing softly and then looking away.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, recognizing his humanity, before activating the com. “Hey, guys, I’m inside the building. I’ll try to cover your entry but I get the feeling…”

Another bullet whizzed by and she cursed loud enough to wake the dead. Damn it, can’t they get the message?? One man just fell two hundred feet and they’re shooting at me again! What would it take? People raining from the sky?

She returned fire. “I’m rather popular with the locals, guys. It appears they don’t have much hospitality for guests.”

“Give us a couple minutes,” Methos said.

Talia leapt to her feet and sprinted down the catwalk, with bullets nipping at her heels. Four soldiers were racing towards her from the other side of the room, and a loud clang, followed by a hissing sound, told her they’d closed the roof hatch, trapping her.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

“I’ll do what I can, but I’m trapped.”

“Great, there you go not thinking again!”

“Hey! Stop that! I did think this one through!”

“And they outsmarted you still?”


“That isn’t hard to do,”

“Shut up, tiny!!”

“Keep it up and I’ll let you sit there ‘til hell freezes over.”

“Please don’t, I’m a bit more popular than I’d like.”

“I’m on the way,”


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