Snippet from Untitled Novel



This is from a rough draft so don’t be surprised if there’s mistakes.





Looking out the window at the freshly deposited snow was blinding and I looked away. For several seconds my eyesight remained darkened as if someone fired off a flash bulb in my face before it cleared again.

It takes a couple minutes for me to get dressed in a simple black jeans, white shirt and black coat and then hide the knife I always carry with me before grabbing my backpack. I’d love to take a gun but there wasn’t a chance in hell of walking around without someone seeing it.

Sunglasses helped to cut the glare off the snow to a livable amount. Now if someone tried to sneak up the odds of me spotting them were in my favor. Of course I doubted that because very few people knew who I was or looked like; in fact I always used an intermediary to go between me and the client. Yes, it meant splitting the money with another person but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

I join the throngs of people working their way through the eight inches of snow. Most cities would shut down with that amount of the white stuff, but not Greenmist. Its residents were hardly people; in fact the gutsiest I’ve ever seen, and didn’t let something as insignificant as the weather slow them down.

The wind is cold, the type the cut through your clothes like they didn’t exist and then touched the soul. Unlike the trip to the Doctor’s house, the school is eight blocks away; close enough that I don’t need public transportation so it turned into a long, cold stroll.

Believe it or not this is the part of my life that I hate the most. While I know that education is a major part of being successful, it’s a bitch being surrounded by immature teens. The girls are too busy being ditzy and talking about boys and shopping; neither of are things that I’m interested in. And the guys? Oh, they’re just spending all their time trying to get in my pants. And that, my friends, isn’t going to happen. In fact, they stand a better chance of being an assassin like me than they do getting into my pants.

A pair of guards stands at the door and they wave at me as I pass by. Once inside the usual hustle and bustle starts up and despite my cool demeanor all senses go on high alert. Yes, it’s a school and the odds of someone attacking me are slim but it’s hard to stop a controlled reflex.

This school is a palace compared to the one I went to in Darbytown. Three stories high, it’s less than two years old and is the jewel in Greenmist’s education system. Throughout the building there are several holographic images of the school’s mascot, a bull terrier, and the results from last night’s basketball game. None of it really matters to me, but for appearance’s sake I get into the role.

“Hi, Athol!”

Janice, the one person I call friend, is an exercise in how looks could be deceiving. The daughter of a mafia boss, she’s operates her own organization devoted just to assassination. She’s the only person on the planet who knows my real name and my identity as Mareth.

“What’s up, Janice.”

“How’d last night go?”

“Could’ve been better.”

We make our way through the crowd and then start to climb the steps to the second floor. Homeroom for us was in the east wing and it would take ten minutes to get there from here so there’s time to talk. And trust me, there’s plenty I’d like to say about last night.

“Seems like you got in and out clean.”

“You didn’t say that there were kids there. You know I don’t like killing kids.”

“Hey! Don’t blame me! The client wanted them all dead.”

“And you should’ve told me, which would’ve determined whether I took the job or not.”

“It doesn’t matter, Athol, and you know it. You wanted that job to make sure you were considered big league. Well, that takes getting your hands dirty.”

“Not that dirty!”

“Instead of bitching about what happened, you should be proud you pulled off what others couldn’t.”

“Oh, I’m proud, trust me.”

“You don’t sound like it.”

“What the fuck do you want me to say? ‘Oh, Janice, I killed a couple kids and I’m proud of it’?”

“No, you’re supposed to take the goddamn money and be happy about it. You got paid handsomely to do that job.”

“You goddamn well know what my only limitation is, and yet you sent me to do a job that runs counter.”

“Let it go, Athol. You’re now considered a ‘big time’ assassin. People will come to you for the tough jobs and your income will go up.”

Janice’s point was valid and that’s what pissed me off the most. I, indeed, wanted to be the go-to assassin on Achernar, which meant getting my hands dirty. And no doubt I’d have to kill more kids so it’s time to just get over that part and move on.

“Yeah,” I said and then sighed. “I know. Thank you.”

“We have some business to discuss at lunch.”


Arriving at home room caused us the cut the conversation short and return to being normal teens. It was one thing to talk business in a crowded hall we everyone was focused on getting where they’re going and aren’t paying attention to the conversations going on around them. Furthermore there was the son of a police officer in home room so we had no intention of letting him know that we were anything more than a couple of teen friends.

The next twenty minutes seem to drag on forever as the teacher goes over various announcements. None of them are important in my opinion, just something the school used to fill time for them to do something else. More than likely they were running a dog through checking seeing if any illegal drugs were in the student’s lockers.

Of course if they looked in mine they’d find nothing but a very neat and orderly stack of books arranged by subject. No one in my line of work would ever leave something in such a way as to draw suspicion. Yes, it would look overly clean but not enough to be noticeable and that’s all that mattered to me.

Twenty minutes later Janice and I are leaving homeroom and headed for English class. At the far end of the hall I spot a pair of officers; each one had a seated beside then, calmly panting away as their handlers patted them on the head. Yeah, I was right; they were running drug checks on the school. I wonder how many got busted for it?

I didn’t have to wait long as I spot a pair of officers escorting the police officer’s son from the building in handcuffs. One of them carried a gun in a plastic bag and several pieces of drug paraphernalia.

“Gee, that’s a surprise,” Janice said.

“Only a moron would do what.”

“Please tell me you’re not armed.”

“I’m not stupid you know.”

“Good. How’s your ammunition situation?”

“I need to get some more 9mm rounds.”

“Got it. I’m sure Alex has plenty.”

“I’ll find out this afternoon.”


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