Second Talia Novel Update


After having some time to think about it the past couple days, I’m going to shelve the second novel of hers I have written. It might eventually come back out as a rewritten one down the road.

The reasons for this have more to do with how the first one ends, and how dark Talia is at the end. I feel like she needs a story or two that allows her to redeem herself from something that happened. So, I’ve got an idea popping into my head; in fact, I think what was going to be the third novel will now by the second and that’ll include a very frightening antagonist.

Hopefully everyone can hang in there while I get this shit organized. I’m finding that having too many ideas are just as bad as having too little because there’s just not enough time in the day to be able to write everything in my head.

I’ll get it done, guys, and it’ll be good. J



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