Talia Snippet 2-13-2014




Talia leaned back against the wall and caught her breath before looking around. Luck would have it that she led her team into a room with only one exit. All the defenders needed to do was wait patiently because sooner or later she’d have to surrender and that meant the death of everyone under her command.

Not an acceptable ending, she thought. Time to think on an alternative.

Nothing about the conference room stood out from any other that she’d been in before. An ovular table with eight chairs around it stood in the center of the room with a large HVAC duct hanging down from the ceiling. All in all nothing that screamed ‘victory’ to her or solved the problem the warrior got into.

That’s interesting, she thought.

Talia approached the table and carefully climbed up and then stood up. The round grating felt cold in her gloved hands as she pulled it off and then stared into the darkness beyond. A soft flow of warm air caressed her face as she stared listened to the sound of voices in the distance.

“Don’t just stand there! She’s going to come out! Get ready!”

So, Talia thought as she raised an eyebrow, this leads to the corridor. Sounds like a good alternative to me.


“Yes, Talia?”

“You’re in charge.”

“Where are you going?” Claudio asked.

“You don’t want to know.”

“You’ve got a plan, don’t you?” Georgia asked.

“I don’t know if you can call it that. I’m about to do something that might get us out of here in one hand or be very stupid on the other.”


“Trust me.”

“You’re crazy!” Claudio said.

Talia smiled slightly. “I’ve been for twenty thousand years, just ask Methos. She’ll say the same.”

Leaving the team without her leadership probably wasn’t the wisest thing the warrior could do but if push came to shove Claudio could give them that in the final moments left to the humans. With any luck, though, things wouldn’t turn out that way, but how many times did she think that only to have the worst case scenario take place?

It took a couple of seconds to climb into the duct and then start crawling towards the sound of the enemy voices. While Talia knew her body could take far more pounding then the humans it was far from indestructible and the thought of facing .50 rounds was enough to make the experienced warrior shake slightly.

Dannae can claim all she wants that it won’t hurt me, she thought, but I don’t want to find out.

Five minutes later she found herself looking down through a grating at the defenders that had her troops pinned.

“Claudio Reyes is with them,” an officer said. “He is to be taken alive.”

Oh he is now? Talia thought.

A hard kick sent the grating falling to the floor and she dropped through the hole. The sound of metal on metal echoed down the corridor as the enemy marines looked up. Shocked expressions gave way to horror as she started to fire and five soldiers went down. 

Fire blazed from the suppresser as she pulled the trigger. Armor piercing rounds spiraled through the air before striking their target. They tore into enemy soldiers, destroying tissue and organs, sending blood flying. 

A woman went to raise a 50mm cannon and Talia dropped her with a single shot through the left eye from thirty feet. That took care of that problem, but there were still plenty more to deal with!

Training and self-discipline went out the window as soldiers screamed and then broke and ran. Talia gunned them down as they fled and didn’t bat an eyelash as she changed magazines. Any other time and the warrior would’ve found it distasteful to shoot someone in the back but these humans lost that right when they started selling their own kind into slavery. As far as she was concerned now, it was just a case of playing galactic pest exterminator.

Talia approached the dying officer and she knelt down in a growing pool of his blood and took the radio and com set off him. Somewhere out there Breakstone would be watching and listening and now it was time to let the human know just how much of a mistake the colonel had made by getting involved with the Cabal.

“De’Zahna,” Breakstone said, “You live a charmed life.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve been told that. Nice ambush by the way.”

“I do try.”

“Now how about you use the brains that Cheikra gave you and just give me the colonists before more people die.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Now why does that not surprise me?”

“Because it’s true?”

“No, because it comes from a race stupid enough to get in bed with the Wraith.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh come on, Breakstone! Do you think I was born last night? No way in hell you didn’t see the conversation between Rani and me. So are we going to sit here and try to pretend you didn’t see what happened or get on with it?”

“So he was scared of you. What did you do?”

“Oh, I get it. You don’t think I’m capable of doing anything to you without my ship. Let me inform you: I’m your worst nightmare.”

“You won’t do anything because I have the colonists and you know I can kill them.”

“And what makes you think I give a damn about them anymore?”

“God, you’re crazy.”

“Good, that’s established. Now, quit fucking with me and give yourself up.”

“Not happening.”

“I don’t give second chances, moron, so you’d better listen close. Give up and give me the colonists.”


“I want you to remember this moment when I end your life,” Talia killed the connection and then tossed the com unit away as the fire team approached. “Kill them all…no mercy.”


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