Jan 20th Change of Power

As I watch the events, I’m both amazed, as usual, and disappointed with America at the same time. While I didn’t vote for either one, one of them won and that’s how it is. However, to sit there and violently protest and destroy property is not ‘standing up for what you believe in,’ but criminal activity.

Now contrast this with MLK’s marches, which also were illegal at the time, that were peaceful, proved their point and showed that police and the Dixiecrats wanted to keep blacks down. That was a turning point in American history.

However, these protests do nothing but show the world, and most of America, that these millennials are easily manipulated and play the role of both ‘useful idiots’ and ‘Brown Shirts’ quite well. It also is burying the Democrat party in the eyes of Americans and its kind of sad to see.

I could go on more, but I don’t necessarily like to show my political beliefs on my blog unlike Salzi. Now I like Salzi, don’t get me wrong, but it seems 90% of his posts are his politics, which is his right; it’s his blog. Not sure I want to go that route. Might do it if people don’t have a problem with it. Hard to say.



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