The Entitlement Mentality and US normal folks

Very rarely do I speak on anything or give my personal beliefs because I don’t feel it has a place in professional work. However, after reading a AP story about people partying and trashing the Appalachian Trail and doing drugs, etc, I just had to speak up.

It seems that some people, maybe most of the younger generation perhaps, think that freedom means being able to do anything including illegal activities. How selfish and short sighted! How about growing up, getting your head out of your ass, and join the real world. The world doesn’t owe you anything, doesn’t cow tow to you nor will it give you the CEO’s corner office fresh out of college. Guess what! You have to work for it!

With that said, I’ll post the link and let folks see how this mentality is probably going to get the Appalachian trail closed to people. And when it does, thank yourselves, oh spoiled ones, for ruining it for the future generations.–hikers_behaving_badly-5b704abb1f.html

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