April is a Bad Ass


The anime series Coyote Ragtime Show is one that I’ve fallen in love with. And it’d not because of the good guys, but because of April, who is the leader of the 12 sisters (12 android assassins). While she’s tough, there’s more to her that makes her interesting. The little mannerisms, the body language and facial expressions shows so much about her. I took the time to look up the Japanese version of this episode and then the English-and her character is developed better in the English version, which doesn’t normally happen with anime.

This is a YouTube video someone made that shows the best moments of April. And the song ‘Bad Company’ is a good choice too.


I think folks should watch the video and then check out the series and see just what it is about her that’s so good.


Birdy The Mighty Decode




Is the newest anime series I’ve found and I’m really enjoying it. Once again, it’s another series with a kick ass female character, which is right up my alley.

Birdy is a “Federation Agent,” (think special forces meets cop) who’s job it is to apprehend and return alien criminals. In the first episode, a pair escape to earth where she ends up fighting them. During the course of the fight, a human teen is used as a shield and then thrown at her.  Not knowing it’s a human boy, she uses her power and ends up killing him.

Feeling back for it, she merges his mind into her body while the Federation works to repair the kid’s form. Suffice to say, not just action takes place, but hilarity too.

I recommend watching it.


Divergence Eve

Some images from the show. I’m feeling lazy today so I might not post much.


Misaki. There’s an interesting story behind her. I’d watch the entire 2 seasons to see what it is.








Luxandra..who ends up being eaten by a Ghoul. Such a sad ending for one of Misaki’s friends. I hated it when it happened-even if I’m spoiling something.




And the entire cast