Magical Girl Story

This book has been the most fun to write of the three I’ve completed. The emotional connection to the character is the strongest I have ever had. However, don’t rule Talia out! Need to rewrite/rework her story-with the focus on her as a character. So, she’ll stay up near the top.

Writing something that isn’t in the normal field that I read, or watch anime wise, was a challenge. Thankfully, my beta readers have been very good. They do watch that type anime, etc, so got a lot of insight from thing. Biggest thanks goes to Raya for helping me understand how a teen girl would think/react to something. Helps make the MC more like who she is-not a guy trying to write a female character. Second, I have to give props out to Stella for brainstorming great fantasy ideas. Couldn’t have made this story without their input and help.

There’s something about a magical girl that brings out the whimsical part of a person’s mind. Perhaps it’s due to the type of story, maybe it’s the characters. Either way, these types of stories really bring out the best in a writer.

The one thing that the beta readers have loved about it, is the fact that it’s not just an action story. This is a story about a relationship  and not all about the action. With any luck, everyone will get to read it and enjoy it.

And Elvis has left the building.