Medic Skill Builds For Scarlet Blade

Battle Medic Build:


Best stats for gear:



Suit: EVA / DEF / VOID / MAX HP 

Bangle: Min ATK / Max ATK (or MAX HP) 

Knee: DEF / VOID / MAX HP / MAX HP % 

Shoes: DEF / VOID / Move Speed / MAX HP 

Gloves: DEF / Crit / MAX HP 

weapon is w/e. obv if you can get it you’ll want MAX CH-ATK / Crit / Crit-ATK 

rings/trinkets/earrings/necklace go with veteran


Hybrid Medic


Use the same skills but split the points between your heals and debuffs


Full Support


Only put points into your first row of offense skills and then max out your heals, buffs and debuffs.


5 comments on “Medic Skill Builds For Scarlet Blade

    • I put enough points in my Medic to max out my stun. After that I maxed all my heals, eradicate, revive and healer’s blessing (I’m level 48). After that I maxed out my move speed and put 8 points into passive HP.

      When combined with +10 shoes, my move speed is faster than any close other than the sentinel. It works out well when being attacked because then they can be kited until either I can kill them or help arrives.

    • Well, your DPS stinks so no real need for shots once you clear lvl 39. Better off keeping the minimum, maxing out your heals and your passive HP to make yourself tankier. One think about 49 cap that folks underestimate is crit-void. I had a medic on Aeria’s version with like somewhere between 7-10K crit-void. Took about 6 people to take me down due to it. As for the heals, make sure you have all your debuff removers and you’ll be good too. Knew I couldn’t beat her, but once sat there and removed the debuffs off myself, along with healing, so much that a higher level whipper gave up and left me alone.

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