I’ve now heard it all

In the previous 14 years, I’ve spent thousands of hours looking at the 9/11 attacks on the computer. Some of it was to see what I didn’t see live, another part was writing research; I also looked at it to see if I could verify any of the wild stories conspiracy theorists came up with. Now, I love a good conspiracy; in fact, I think more than one gunman killed Kennedy, and that the Navy in fact did teleport the Eldridge in the Philadelphia experiment.

What I do not believe in is 9/11 conspiracies.

Too big.

Too well known.

Too many people would blab over it.

So, with that said, I saw a post on Facebook saying the 9/11 passengers were killed at the Cleveland airport! What the holy hell??? Really? That ranks right up there with a mini nuke killing the North Tower. Neither are logical in anyway. I think some folks might want to see a counselor because they sure aren’t making sense!


Oh well, can’t expect everyone to have common sense.


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