The Fallacy of “Free College Education”

Recently, there’s been a movement by the useful idiots, aka college students, that their education should be free and all student loan debt erased. I can relate to the second part since I’m carrying 40k in debt myself; however, their movement is wrong and really smacks of the Bolshevik revolution.

First off, they want an increase of the wages paid on campus to 15 usd per hour. Sounds great on paper but here’s what happens. Labor costs go up by 100%, then people lose jobs so the profit/loss ledger stays balanced. Also, since wages go up and the cost to make things do too, then the prices of everything skyrocket; thus wiping out the financial gain. Secondly, it will cause a wage war bc the skilled workers making 15 now will want 20+ to stay ahead of the non-skilled labor. Once again, costs will go up.

And here’s the kicker!

In San Francisco and Seattle, fast food workers who got the raises are no asking to have their hours CUT so as to not lose their GOVERNMENT BENEFITS…aka welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, phones, etc.

I could see that coming long before they passed the damn regulation to be honest.

Now onto free education, do they think it’s able to be paid for? Sure, go after the 1% but newsflash kids: they’re prepared for shit like this and have secret hideaways built with private runways, armed security, etc. If you try to take too much of their money, they’re leaving the country to go to their hideouts. What then? There’s no money to take now but the middle class…once their money is gone, who next? The poor?

Newsflash for you selfish, entitlement mentality, never been told no children: America is 20 trillion in debt on paper but more like 65 trillion with Social Security thrown in. And you think it can afford more debt so you can party for free? Seriously, are you guys that damn dumb?? Our GDP puts out 15.3 TRILLION…the government debt stands at 18 TRILLION NOW. That’s more than the entire GDP…it’s not sustainable yet you want more freebies.

I guess stupidity rules in America now.


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