Train photos 10-19-2013

This is the former Southern mainline that runs from Alexandria, Va. to Atlanta Georgia. I”m looking south from a one lane wooden bridge that arches over the tracks.


SML 2  10192013



Now I’m looking north as the mainline curves out of sight and continues northwards towards Bourborsville, Va.


SML 1  10192013


Csxt 607 leads Newport News Bound Coal Train T165 as she and her sister 658 roll through Irwin, Va as she makes her way down the former C&O Rivanna sub.


csxt607 T165a  10192013

8-3-2013 Train Pics

Q405 leads the parade. Amtrak P077 and P194 and Z702 were in the mix but not photographed. 




Q409 was exactly 2 blocks behind 405. P077 was running yellow brick road behind 409 and called up the dispatcher to find out which Freight they were running behind.




Rock Train power at Verdon. I’m sure one pair was set for the eastbound loaded train and the other came in on the westbound empties.