Train photos 10-19-2013

This is the former Southern mainline that runs from Alexandria, Va. to Atlanta Georgia. I”m looking south from a one lane wooden bridge that arches over the tracks.


SML 2  10192013



Now I’m looking north as the mainline curves out of sight and continues northwards towards Bourborsville, Va.


SML 1  10192013


Csxt 607 leads Newport News Bound Coal Train T165 as she and her sister 658 roll through Irwin, Va as she makes her way down the former C&O Rivanna sub.


csxt607 T165a  10192013

Photos of Home 9-21-2013

For those who have never been to the United States, I’m taking photos of where I live and posting them. 

Arcadia 9212013

This is the Arcadia restaurant in downtown.

This picture of the Ashland train station shows evidence of the Jim Crow era of the country. If you note there were two entrance doors to the station. One side was the ‘colored’ side and the other was for the ‘whites.’ Inside the station, which has been converted to a visitor’s center, the ticket offices were connected by a short hallway and were closed off on the ‘colored’ side by glass and bars. 

ashland station 9212013

downtown ashland 9212013

This is a shot from the southern side of Downtown Ashland looking south along the former RF&P railroad. Things are busy with a flow of CSX freight trains and Amtrak passenger trains.  Close to 30-40 trains a day rumble through this little town.

Richmond Farmer's Market 9212013

This is a small section of the Downtown Farmer’s Market. Felt a little sketchy even though it is one of the oldest in the state. Next time I’ll do some of the rural ones.

richmond skyline 9212013

An image looking at the Richmond skyline from the east side of town. In the next couple weeks I’ll add some from the west side and the Fan area.