Matt Smith on Doctor Who and the 12th Doctor


Matt Smith argues that the next Doctor could be male or female, as he chats about Doctor Who…

With San Diego Comic-Con now in full swing, Matt Smith has been the latest to do a Q&A at the event, and you won’t be surprised to hear that no shortage of Doctor Who questions were fired his way.

Smith has just finished filming How To Catch A Monster, which is being directed by Mr Ryan Gosling. And he admitted that “Doctor Who has been the most brilliant experience for me as an actor and a bloke, and that largely is down to the cast, crew and fans”.

Smith was asked how he’d like his incarnation of the Doctor to come to an end, and he replied that “I feel like I already know how it ends. There’s a golden light, open a TARDIS, put my arms out… and then I turn into a woman!”

You don’t need us to tell you that there’s no shortage of speculation that a female Doctor is around the corner, although we’d still be surprised if it was. However, Smith told IGN that “He’s an alien, or she’s an alien. It doesn’t matter. The Doctor is a complete alien … It can be anyone – and that’s the great thing about the part”. “There’s so many female actresses who’d be amazing”, he said, citing Helen Mirren as one example.

Matt Smith did admit that he didn’t know who the 12th Doctor was yet. Not that he’s likely to tell if he knew otherwise, of course. “You’re in for some serious revelations”, he teased when asked about John Hurt and the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special. The Christmas special, meanwhile, is set to shoot in September.

Smith also suggested that he’d been interested in roles in Star Trek and Star Wars, too.

The full Doctor Who Comic-Con panel is scheduled for Sunday. Expect more speculative questions around then…


Doctor Who: Steven Moffat’s 12th Doctor audition script

Want to know what potential 12th Doctors have been auditioning with? Doctor Who Magazine has shared one of the scripts…

No Doctor Who scoops, no rumours, and certainly no spoilers lay ahead. Instead, what we have here is a little piece of behind-the-scenes info inching open the tiny aperture into the 12th Doctor casting process.

In the new edition of Doctor Who Magazine, showrunner Steven Moffat has shared one of the not-to-be-filmed audition scenes written for potential 12th Doctors. Why not grab a friend during this morning’s coffee break, make haste to the stationery cupboard, argue over who’s going to be Clara, and act your TARDIS socks off. It’s what we’ll be doing.

Here’s Moffat’s introduction to the scene, courtesy of the Radio Times:

“I had to make up some scenes for the auditions, cos I haven’t written the real script yet. So here, in an exclusive, as a big old tease, is one of the imaginary scenes I wrote. Couple of things. Nothing to glean about what’s coming in the stories – this scene will never appear in the show itself. Also, you’ll learn very little about Number 12 – naturally, this was written before the casting began. And anyway, the scenes we use for the auditions are designed more as obstacle courses than ‘proper’ scenes. Fairly generic Doctor stuff, for someone to spin into a new version of the Time Lord. So, with the proviso that there’s nothing to learn here (won’t stop you trying, I know) here is – sort of, kind of, not really – the first scene for Number 12…”


The new Doctor is checking out the new body. Clara, watching. It’s been a few minutes, they’re both still adjusting.

THE DOCTOR: Right then, eyesight. Not bad, bit blue. Ears – not pointy, right way up, more or less level. Face – well I’ve got one. Oh, no – French!

CLARA: French.

THE DOCTOR: I’ve deleted French! Plus all cookery skills, and the breast stroke. And hopping. Never mind hopping, who needs to hop. Ohh, the kidneys are interesting. Never had that before – interesting kidneys.

CLARA: Are you all right?

THE DOCTOR: I don’t know, do I look all right?

CLARA: I don’t know.

THE DOCTOR: How’s the face? Seems all right from the inside. Nice action, responsive. Bit less heft on the chin. How is it?

CLARA: It’s… okay.


CLARA: It’s a bit… you know.

THE DOCTOR: No I don’t, I haven’t seen it yet.

CLARA: Maybe it’s just new.

THE DOCTOR: Have you changed height?


THE DOCTOR: You sure?

CLARA: It’s you, your height, you’re the one who’s changed.

THE DOCTOR: And look at your nose.

CLARA: What about my nose?

THE DOCTOR: It was really cute, I loved your nose, you should’ve kept it.

CLARA: I did, it’s the same nose, it’s the same all of me. You’re the one who’s… regenerated, whatever you call it.

THE DOCTOR: Are you wearing a smell?

CLARA: Do you mean perfume?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I suppose it could be perfume.

CLARA: You’ve always liked that perfume, you said so.

THE DOCTOR: No I didn’t, that was the Doctor.

CLARA: You’re the Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I suppose I am. That’s going to take a bit of getting used to.

CLARA: Yeah, it really is.

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Olivia Colman plays down Doctor Who rumours

Not sure if this has any legs or not, but it’d be interesting to see how a woman doctor will be received by the fan base. While it doesn’t bother me at all, I’m sure they’ll be a lot of fans that’ll leave in droves. Thus, each move my Moffatt and company will need to be made carefully to prepare the fan base for any major change such as this. For me, as a writer, I prefer a female heroine over a male anyway. Strong male characters in science fiction are a dime a dozen, while female heroines aren’t. Thus, why all my MC’s are female.






by Jill Pantozzi | 12:54 pm, July 4th, 2013


We’ve heard from Dame Helen Mirren on the topic of Doctor Who, in particular, the casting of the new Doctor, a few times now. But she’s not done yet (or at least people aren’t done asking her about it yet) and we’re totally fine with that. Hear who she suggested to take up the mantle.

Mirren was asked by ITV’s Daybreak whether or not she’d take on the role of the 12th Doctor on the long-running BBC sci-fi series. She answered, “absolutely not.” And although we’ve heard that from her before, she made sure to drive the point home.

“I’m not going to be the first female Doctor Who – no, no, no,” she said. “I absolutely wouldn’t contemplate that.”

Although she does think there’s a right person for the job.

“I do think it’s well over-time to have a female Doctor Who. I think a gay, black female Doctor Who would be the best of all.”

The series will return for the 50th anniversary special on Saturday, November 23 but soon after we’ll see Matt Smith’s Doctor making a transformation come the Christmas special. Although folks have been throwing around rumors as to who the 12th Doctor will be, we likely won’t have the official announcement until late summer, early fall.


Idris Elba dismisses Dr Who Rumors




Things seem to be heating up a bit. With filming of the special to start in July, it shouldn’t be but a couple more weeks before Moffatt makes an announcement. You can guarantee one thing: no matter what Moffatt says, they have someone already cast, signed and ready to go. Jenna Louise Coleman had been cast, I believe, as far back as the early to mid 6th series but it wasn’t announced. 

No one will truly know the answer until it’s announced, but I also know something else: Moffatt lies! So don’t take the ‘we haven’t cast it’ bull crap to be the truth.