Massaging Final Draft


One of the hardest parts of being a writer is taking that final step to getting yourself published. Why is this so? Believe it or not, it’s where you spend the most time.

I know you think I’m crazy, but it’s true.

While actually writing the story takes time, it’s the hard copy edits, etc that eat up your time more than anything else. And let’s not forget the final massaging.

Now the final smoothing can be anything from a simple looksee to check for errors to giving it a final rewrite to get things in the perfect spot. Either way, that’s what eats up your time.

So, when you’re at this point, like I am, take heart and don’t give in. This is where the professionals are made and the chaff cleared out. Ones who don’t truly want to be professional won’t make this step.

So, hang in there.

Serialized Novel




I’m currently working on a pair of new projects, so it’ll be a slow dribbling process. What I am going to do is take both chapters down and edit them and get a polished version up there. Each one from now on will be polished, which means it’ll take a bit between chapters being posted so bear with me. 

Otherwise, I hope everyone enjoys it. 


Defining Moment in Writing




That was asked on the writing forums and I think it’s different for each of us. Sometimes it can be an internal force that pushes you to do it or an external one. In my case it was external.

There’s a very wise woman on named Maiamamma. I won’t go into her background other than to say that she’s been in the business of books and scriptwriting for decades now. One day, I’d been posting away on the forums while piddling with a novel. She asked me a serious question:

“Do you want to be know as a person who posts on a forum or as a person who’s a serious writer?”

It was then that I realized you can’t do both. If you posting like made, then when do you have time to write? And conversely, when you’re writing (and editing) when do you have time to post? While I might cruise the forums before I start editing, or when I get off work, I don’t spend hours posting. I might leave the page open while I figure out what items on this blog I wish to mention on the one I have there.

What was the thing that made you choose to be a serious writer?