Defining Moment in Writing




That was asked on the writing forums and I think it’s different for each of us. Sometimes it can be an internal force that pushes you to do it or an external one. In my case it was external.

There’s a very wise woman on named Maiamamma. I won’t go into her background other than to say that she’s been in the business of books and scriptwriting for decades now. One day, I’d been posting away on the forums while piddling with a novel. She asked me a serious question:

“Do you want to be know as a person who posts on a forum or as a person who’s a serious writer?”

It was then that I realized you can’t do both. If you posting like made, then when do you have time to write? And conversely, when you’re writing (and editing) when do you have time to post? While I might cruise the forums before I start editing, or when I get off work, I don’t spend hours posting. I might leave the page open while I figure out what items on this blog I wish to mention on the one I have there.

What was the thing that made you choose to be a serious writer?

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