A Rod’s Suspension

Today Major League Baseball (MBL) suspended A. Rod for 211 games due to his role in taking performance enhancing drugs. As someone with a sports management degree, I’m going to weigh in on this.

This is not Rod’s first time taking PED’s during his career. The admission that he used them while with the Texas Rangers was telling in many ways. It says:

  1. He wasn’t playing the game fairly like it should be.
  2. Lack of character
  3. Lack of regard for his teammates and fans.

Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that sports are dirty to an extent. Sports Entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry that caters towards making large numbers of people happy. People attending events find teams, or players, that they like and then become fans. My dad is a big fan of the New York Yankees, and I like them along with the Washington Nationals. It’s how things go.

What makes things like this worse is that a lot of MLB players (as are football and basketball) are role models for kids throughout the country. To do such as he has sends a message to the children that “cheating is good.”

This shows a massive lack of character.

None of the A. Rod drama is going to end anytime soon. It’s been happening all year as he and the Yankees are having a long and ugly divorce. There’s no other option than that now, because the relationship between him and the club is toxic.

Now for those who want to know why he is fighting this so much? Try 50+ million reasons. A suspension for the end of the season and next year is worth that much money. Even a monkey would fight for that.

Hang onto your hats, folks. This is just starting.

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