Trouble Seems to Follow (Kate Almir Serialized Novel) Chapter 1 part 1


The sound of his footsteps echoed down the deserted corridor, their lonely tune matching the depression and desperation in his heart. Five years and three hundred million credits and he were reduced to hoping that a nineteen year old girl could succeed where others failed.

It proved to be fantastical, a turn of events that Rear Admiral Claudio Reyes, head of Fleet Intelligence, would never had dreamt of. Several men and women, all soldiers who’d been critically injured, had volunteered for the program, which lead to each failure eating at Claudio until a black hole filled his heart and it’d swallowed all his emotions.

Not that he was without them, mind you, otherwise he wouldn’t wrestled with the decision on whether or not to risk one of his newest bodies on a former gladiator slave. No, the question about what to do with her and her ruined body had become a priority and that’d taken over his life for the past week.

Of course, he chided himself, none of this would’ve happened if you’d not approached her in the first place.

Lord only knew how ridiculous he looked on Arino when he asked for, and received, a private meal with her. It was something almost unheard of, an event reserved for only the greatest of the gladiator Master Champions…and one that she’d earned many times over.

Duck Donuts Coming to Richmond – Food Drink

Why, why why would you put yourself right across the street from the one Krispey Kreme in town? That to me is suicide because folks love KK down here so much that I don’t know if Duck Donuts can beat them…even if the product is superior (which doesn’t take much to beat KK to be honest. Their donuts are more air then dough anyway).




Duck Donuts Coming to Richmond – Food Drink.

A Hurricane, Fourth of July and Being Lazy

Today, as you in the USA know, is the 4th of July…Independence day. Fireworks, cookouts and time spent with family is the order of the day. Of course I had to work this morning at 5am so it’s been a long holiday for me already.

For those who live in a bubble, Hurricane Arthur side swiped the NC coast and then raced to the northeast into the Atlantic. Here in Va it didn’t do shit but down around the coast, it’s been a major event and something that influenced their holidays. Many cities in the Northeast, Boston in particular, had their fireworks last night to prevent the storm from interfering. 

Right now, folks are worried about Ocracoke island on the NC outer banks. It’s totally cut off with no power or communications at this moment so there’s no way of knowing if anyone is hurt or not. Hopefully they will come through fine.

Nothing is new around here…Morrissey is denying his involvement with the underaged girl but I’m pretty sure the sleazebag did something; I just don’t know.

Have a happy fourth!