A Hurricane, Fourth of July and Being Lazy

Today, as you in the USA know, is the 4th of July…Independence day. Fireworks, cookouts and time spent with family is the order of the day. Of course I had to work this morning at 5am so it’s been a long holiday for me already.

For those who live in a bubble, Hurricane Arthur side swiped the NC coast and then raced to the northeast into the Atlantic. Here in Va it didn’t do shit but down around the coast, it’s been a major event and something that influenced their holidays. Many cities in the Northeast, Boston in particular, had their fireworks last night to prevent the storm from interfering. 

Right now, folks are worried about Ocracoke island on the NC outer banks. It’s totally cut off with no power or communications at this moment so there’s no way of knowing if anyone is hurt or not. Hopefully they will come through fine.

Nothing is new around here…Morrissey is denying his involvement with the underaged girl but I’m pretty sure the sleazebag did something; I just don’t know.

Have a happy fourth!