Recent Supreme Court Decision

Supreme Court


On straw purchases of weapons is one that I applaud. While I’m no proponent of Gun Control-there’s no way it’ll truly stop gun violence as long as criminals have a black market-I agree with the decision banning straw purchases. What is a straw purchase? That is when someone goes into a store and then buys a weapon. Once they’ve finished the background check, etc etc, they then go outside and immediately give you the weapon to own. That is what the ATF calls a ‘straw purchase’ and I agree with the ban on that.

If straw purchases had been allowed, then it’d allow people to buy guns for convicted felons and others who shouldn’t have them, openly and in plain sight without any repercussions. This would be a unbearable situation that would truly lead to more violence. To this I laud the Supreme Court for making the right decision.



Some Days You Wish You’d Stayed In Bed

And today is one of them. For some reason, and I haven’t had a major depression episode in two years, I’m depressed as hell and can’t tell why. I don’t know if it’s from the stress of starting a new job, paranoia about things that aren’t there or if i’m just down to be down. That’s the thing with things like depression and bi-polar, you just don’t know.

I really do wish I knew what it was today or I’d do something to change it, but I don’t so it’ll be one of those days where I’ll suffer as a slog through it. To be honest, and I’ve said this thousands of times, I wouldn’t wish bi-polar on my worst enemy…no matter who they are. It’s a living hell from which there is no parole, no pardon and no escape. You’re stuck with it for life. 

It sucks.



Kings Dominion

Yesterday I went to Kings Dominion with my Sister, her husband, my parents and my two nephews. It was hotter than hell but still fun. For those who don’t know, Kings Dominion is a theme park twenty miles north of the wonderful metropolis of Richmond, Va.

This is the park’s 40th anniversary and it’s been neat to see how much has changed since I was a kid and went there with my parents and my sister. The roller coasters have changed but they’re still fun to ride. The Avalanche Bobsled, Anaconda, Grizzly and Rebel Yell are still fun to ride. Flight of fear (an indoor ride) is fun to hop onto also. Although I do find being upside down in the dark indoors to be freaky.

All in all, it might’ve been very hot but it was fun. Can’t wait to do it again.

Reasons for Dead Forums

Sometimes in life, I just have to sit down and really speak my mind and say ‘to hell with whether it pisses people off.’ Today is one of those days.

I’ll withhold the name to protect the guilty, but I’ve been watching a particular writing forum for years…and sometimes posting on it until the past 6 months to a year. I know what you’re going to ask: “Why?” The answer is simple: I wanted to put time into writing and being a professional writer and not being a professional forum poster.

Well, I’ve systematically watched this particular forum go downhill since I left and it’s not even sad. In fact, I find it humorous to say the least.

When moderators get into pissing matches with trolls, knowledgeable people are told they’re sanctimonious and talking down to people, you have the recipe for a failed forum. Oh, no doubt the owner and mods will say I’m incorrect but they’d be wrong. Said forum needs 250 USD to cover costs and we’re halfway through the month and they’ve gotten all of *fifty* dollars in. Houston, we have a problem.

The biggest fail of the entire forum was when a particular poster from Pennsylvania was allowed to run amuck on the boards for months, posting inane comments meant to seem intellectual but coming across as a pompous asshole with delusions of grandeur. This person was able to make life miserable for several posters, do nothing but plug his free books on, and then act like he was the self-prescribed expert of writing. Really? Talk about sad as hell.

Now let me speak on the subject of moderators. In forums, they’re supposed to be impartial and enforce the rules. The ones on this forum? They get into pissing matches with the above troll that degenerated into whipping their dicks out of measuring them to see who’s bigger. Then, and if that wasn’t inappropriate enough, the mods then harass other posters on here-myself included-because they find us threatening to their status quo.

Most people on that forum will never be published and are sitting in a ‘blind leads the blind’ situation. Writing is a solitary endeavor for a reason…and sitting on a forum making posts asking questions and then reading what the artistes have to say is a waste of time.

Personally I find the whole thing ridiculous to say the least and find that the place gives me more information I can use on my blog than anything else. As they would say at Kings Dominion: Ride on!