Full Metal Panic


Full Metal Panic is a science fiction, action and romance series. In its vision of the future, mankind has large mech’s for fighting with along with something called the Lambda Driver, which takes the thoughts and emotions of the operator and then puts it into action. The premise of the series is that the technology is decades, or more, ahead of what mankind should have and has been labeled ‘black technology.’ There are people, called Whispered, who are born with the knowledge (why and how is never fully explained) and are coveted by the various governments and terrorist organizations.

A mercenary group named Mithril, whose technology is decades ahead of the US or Soviet Union, is tasked with either rescuing or protecting the whispered. This is where the story starts. It is centered around a girl named Kaname Chadori, who is the latest whispered candidate. In order to protect her, a teen aged mercenary soldier named Sousuke Sagara is ordered to attend her high school and protect her. Comedic high jinx take place as Sousuke tries to fit into school and how many weapons are on him at all times. This last throughout the series…even as it takes a darker turn further into it.

All in all, the series is worth watching and is funny. It can get raunchy at times (not like the follow up Full Metal Panic Fumoffu) but is still worth watching. I endorse it.




Kampfer-Original-Soundtrack-CoverAnother anime series I found to be humorous-despite the complaints of some people-was Kamfer. It’s a story about a boy who wakes up one morning and finds he’s a girl. To top things off, he has a strange, blue bracelet on that he can’t remove. After several minutes he returns to normal and then gets another shock: his bowel familiar doll starts talking. He, it explains, has been picked to be a Kamfer, a girl (always a girl) who’s to fight the red bracelet wearing enemies to the death.

In the first episode, he runs into a foul mouthed girl with a gun that tries to kill him, but he holds her off with a fireball. Kamfers come with three powers: gun, magic or sword/knives/chains. So, his is magic.

Well, the girl is his partner and ends up being the alter ego (as if he is when in girl form) of a small, shy and glasses wearing girl from the Library club. However, when she changes, she becomes someone totally different and humor breaks out.

To make things short, the series follows the exploits he has, the interactions between he and the other three kamfer’s (the two red and his partner) and the reason why they must all fight. It leads to an ending that’s rather interesting to say the least.

If you don’t mind fan service and campiness, then this is the series for you.

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A review of the Anime series “Freezing,” which is the basis for the game Scarlet Blade.

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Starship Operators




Today I’d like to discuss a series I stumbled upon called Starship Operators. I found it after doing a Google search on science fiction anime with female protagonists. It is an interesting piece of anime that I will go in depth over. First off the main character is a girl named Shinon and this is what she looks like:



It starts off with the battleship emerging from FTL and she’s on the bridge alerting the Captain that everything checks out. As a Cadet, she’s nearly finished with her courses and will be graduating soon. The Captain proceeds to tell her: “I’ve always found your voice to be soothing, Shinon. It’s like listening to a digital recording.” He then goes on to basically insult her and tell the girl she’d make a miserable secretary.

A aggressive Kingdom attacks her home world and the government surrenders without fighting back. The senior officers abandon ship-per orders from the conquerors-leaving Shinon and the cadets behind. From there things get interesting. The Cadets decide to fight back but they need to own the ship, so they make a deal with the Galactic Network to air themselves as a reality show.  I won’t give the rest of the plot away but Shinon isn’t your typical female lead. She’s conflicted, confused by emotion and a more realistic portrayal than most are.

The series also plays fair, for the most part, with physics. Lasers aren’t seen until they strike-which is what would happen in real life.  It also has ship battles taking hours before they fight due to the large distances involved-as would real life.

So, in a nutshell, if you want a science fiction anime that plays fairly nice with physics and has a different type of protagonist, then this is for you.