Kampfer-Original-Soundtrack-CoverAnother anime series I found to be humorous-despite the complaints of some people-was Kamfer. It’s a story about a boy who wakes up one morning and finds he’s a girl. To top things off, he has a strange, blue bracelet on that he can’t remove. After several minutes he returns to normal and then gets another shock: his bowel familiar doll starts talking. He, it explains, has been picked to be a Kamfer, a girl (always a girl) who’s to fight the red bracelet wearing enemies to the death.

In the first episode, he runs into a foul mouthed girl with a gun that tries to kill him, but he holds her off with a fireball. Kamfers come with three powers: gun, magic or sword/knives/chains. So, his is magic.

Well, the girl is his partner and ends up being the alter ego (as if he is when in girl form) of a small, shy and glasses wearing girl from the Library club. However, when she changes, she becomes someone totally different and humor breaks out.

To make things short, the series follows the exploits he has, the interactions between he and the other three kamfer’s (the two red and his partner) and the reason why they must all fight. It leads to an ending that’s rather interesting to say the least.

If you don’t mind fan service and campiness, then this is the series for you.

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