Full Metal Panic


Full Metal Panic is a science fiction, action and romance series. In its vision of the future, mankind has large mech’s for fighting with along with something called the Lambda Driver, which takes the thoughts and emotions of the operator and then puts it into action. The premise of the series is that the technology is decades, or more, ahead of what mankind should have and has been labeled ‘black technology.’ There are people, called Whispered, who are born with the knowledge (why and how is never fully explained) and are coveted by the various governments and terrorist organizations.

A mercenary group named Mithril, whose technology is decades ahead of the US or Soviet Union, is tasked with either rescuing or protecting the whispered. This is where the story starts. It is centered around a girl named Kaname Chadori, who is the latest whispered candidate. In order to protect her, a teen aged mercenary soldier named Sousuke Sagara is ordered to attend her high school and protect her. Comedic high jinx take place as Sousuke tries to fit into school and how many weapons are on him at all times. This last throughout the series…even as it takes a darker turn further into it.

All in all, the series is worth watching and is funny. It can get raunchy at times (not like the follow up Full Metal Panic Fumoffu) but is still worth watching. I endorse it.


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