Things That Influence My Writing


As I spend each day looking at the laptop screen while writing, many thoughts start to fill my head. Ideas like: “What influences my writing?” or “What kind of character” drives me forwards. So, today I thought I’d sit down and blog about it.

When growing up, I read anything I could find, but I loved science fiction. Star Trek and Star Wars were my best friends and from them I have a fantasy about wanting to explore the galaxy. But, they weren’t all that I read. I read King, Heilein (The Cat Who Walks Through Walls and Starship Troopers), Clarke, Asimov, and a couple Ben Bova really lead me to want to write also.

So, my love of science fiction started when I was 6 years old and goes on to this day. Even when I look at anime I hunt for those that are sci fi based. I have no desire to read about zombies, vampires or demons. Aliens, starships and adventure? I’ll eat that up with a spoon.

When I was younger I had lots of ear infections and undiagnosed Bipolar, which led to me being cooped up inside a lot in my life, so I never did some of the typical “guy” things. While that was a minus, I also learned from my mother what things matter to women, and that’s something that I’ve kept in the back of my mind in my day to day life, which influences my political views, etc.

One lesson I learned from her was that there isn’t much in this world a man can do that a woman can’t do, so that’s when I made the decision to make female heroines and anti-heroines. How many books are written with the male being the protagonist when there’s a woman beside him who’s stronger and smarter?

That’s why I find characters like April in Coyote Ragtime Show to be far more interesting than Mister. Mister fits every stereotypical male pirate and it’s boring as hell. April, while evil, is far more than the typical “psychotic” woman killer. She’s smart, ruthless and also immature and arrogant enough to get pissed off when someone interferes with something she’s after. In other words: she really gets my motor running.

I also find Birdy from Birdy the Mighty Decode to be good and the idea of King Arthur actually being a woman (Fate/Zero anime) is fascinating too.

I could write forever on this, but I’d love to know who, or what, influences your writing as authors.


April is a Bad Ass


The anime series Coyote Ragtime Show is one that I’ve fallen in love with. And it’d not because of the good guys, but because of April, who is the leader of the 12 sisters (12 android assassins). While she’s tough, there’s more to her that makes her interesting. The little mannerisms, the body language and facial expressions shows so much about her. I took the time to look up the Japanese version of this episode and then the English-and her character is developed better in the English version, which doesn’t normally happen with anime.

This is a YouTube video someone made that shows the best moments of April. And the song ‘Bad Company’ is a good choice too.

I think folks should watch the video and then check out the series and see just what it is about her that’s so good.


What Kind of Female Character I like


I’m sure by now people are noticing that most of my female characters kick ass and are tough as nails. Why is that? I don’t know really; maybe it’s because I find myself bored with the guy saves the day shit. Or perhaps it’s because I’d love to have a tough girlfriend. Either way, it doesn’t matter because that’s the type of character I like.

One of the things that makes me decide whether or not I like an anime is whether or not it is a ‘girl’s with guns’ or the girls are tough as shit. I love Coyote Ragtime Show and it’s not because of a protagonist. Honestly, I love April and watched the entire series just to see her parts. For some reason I found her far more entertaining.

In Canaan, Alphard is the far more interesting person. Not because she’s unabashedly evil, but because she’s not afraid to kick ass and do the things the guy is normally written to do. I can eat this up all day.

Thus, I end up writing or having characters that are similar appear. Athol is the outlier for me, because I’ve never met or ended up writing about a character that is so sociopathic and evil. The girl just doesn’t care if what she does is wrong. She likes to kill and that’s all it is to it.

Talia, while she can be kind, still carries an air of being sinister under her ‘honor and commitment’ exterior.

Maybe it just boils down to me wanting to have a girlfriend who is tough like that. I don’t know. It’s something I’ll keep thinking on.