How Stupid Can People Be?

I just read and article where the Maryland Governor said the ‘lives of people of color are valued less’ than whites. Now, I’m not sure what world he’s living in, but ALL human life is important. Personally, I find the number of black on  black murders to be just as disturbing as any terrorist attack. No one, I repeat NO ONE, no matter who they are, deserves to have their life taken from them without having a trail to defend themselves. 

Every time I see the death of a drug dealer, I see two tragedies and a wrong. The first tragedy is the person losing their life. The second is what happens to the parents, sibling, children and friends in the aftermath. And the wrong? The crime of ending someone’s life. 

Now, with that said, how is that valuing life more for some than others? Are there people I think are utterly depraved and are probably better off removed from this world? Yes. Do I think it needs to be done? No. 

Whether someone believes in God or not, we’re all made in the image of our creator and if He is upset by the death or a sparrow, then what does He feel about us? Indifferent? I doubt that. 

It’s long since past time for us to learn how to coexist as a species and move forwards. Our future is in space or we will die off…plain and simple. Let’s get going.


Charlottesville weekly apologizes over anonymous racist comment – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia News

Now I’m not defending any racist or hateful speech, but as someone who values the first amendment, I don’t like the idea of ‘protesting’ to prevent even ugly speech from being said. And here’s why: What’s to keep something the protesters say from being considered ‘hateful’ and ‘ugly’ in the future? Nothing! If that happened, then they’d be the first to bitch about their ‘rights’ being infringed!

Sorry, but if you want to protect your right to free speech, then that means enduring comments you may despise. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your speech taken away. What’s more important to you? Being able to keep your own speech or removing that which you disagree with?

It’s a dangerous slippery slope that way too many in this country are willing to go down to keep from being ‘offended.’ I don’t give a shit about being offended because I frankly don’t give a rip about what folks think about me. Yet, most people are so sensitive that they can’t just ignore something…no, it has to be silenced.

One day someone will come for their free speech and I hope they remember this day. 


Charlottesville weekly apologizes over anonymous racist comment – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia News.