Recent Supreme Court Decision

Supreme Court


On straw purchases of weapons is one that I applaud. While I’m no proponent of Gun Control-there’s no way it’ll truly stop gun violence as long as criminals have a black market-I agree with the decision banning straw purchases. What is a straw purchase? That is when someone goes into a store and then buys a weapon. Once they’ve finished the background check, etc etc, they then go outside and immediately give you the weapon to own. That is what the ATF calls a ‘straw purchase’ and I agree with the ban on that.

If straw purchases had been allowed, then it’d allow people to buy guns for convicted felons and others who shouldn’t have them, openly and in plain sight without any repercussions. This would be a unbearable situation that would truly lead to more violence. To this I laud the Supreme Court for making the right decision.



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