Some Days You Wish You’d Stayed In Bed

And today is one of them. For some reason, and I haven’t had a major depression episode in two years, I’m depressed as hell and can’t tell why. I don’t know if it’s from the stress of starting a new job, paranoia about things that aren’t there or if i’m just down to be down. That’s the thing with things like depression and bi-polar, you just don’t know.

I really do wish I knew what it was today or I’d do something to change it, but I don’t so it’ll be one of those days where I’ll suffer as a slog through it. To be honest, and I’ve said this thousands of times, I wouldn’t wish bi-polar on my worst enemy…no matter who they are. It’s a living hell from which there is no parole, no pardon and no escape. You’re stuck with it for life. 

It sucks.



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