People screwing us artists




This is something that a friend of mine has ended up needing to do. It’s frankly sad as hell that someone needs to have a notarized contract about having commissions done. In many ways it pisses me off because we work hard to create our items and yet there are folks who want it for free! If I chose to give someone a copy of my manuscript free, then that’s my choice. But someone trying to cheat me out of money to be paid? Sorry, that’s not happening.

Unfortunately, due to recent events, and effective immediately, those of you who commission me will now be required to sign a typed and notarized contract. I hate to do this but I cannot afford commissions who refuse to pay when it’s “too much” or “more than they expected”, or “more than they think it’s worth”. I’m sorry that a few bad apples have ruined it for everyone but I’ve made a conscious decision at the cost of my day job to start focusing more on my art and my happiness, sanity, and dreams and I cannot afford to do so when people think $10-20 is a justifiable amount for a 20 x 30 painting or multiple enlarged prints. That is not even the cost of my materials.

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Divergence Eve




Those who know me know of my love of anime. Hard to believe a 40 year old man can love it as much as I do, but it’s true. I have had the opportunity to see many interesting series. Divergence Eve is one of them.

I have heard the complaints about the amount of fan service, which is a large part of the series, but it is far more than that. They use realistic theoretical science to explain FTL travel and the characters are interesting. Ships travel through what one could call a wormhole that passes through another universe to reach another point in our universe. However, the inhabitants, called the Ghoul, are opposed to all life, which makes them a dangerous foe. They make several appearances through the wormhole and are pushed back to their dimension each time.

This doesn’t remove their being dangerous, which leads us to the main character Misaki. I won’t give anything of the plot away but she is a fascinating character that makes the two part series. For things to make sense, though, you’ll have to watch “The Misaki Chronicles,” which is the second half of the series. I challenge folks to watch and follow the plot. Do not let the fan service turn you off, or the first episode, which foreshadows things in the future. I think most science fiction fans will enjoy it if they sit down and truly watch it.

Dr. Who

I’m creating this category to discuss the goings on with Who and Steven Moffatt. My writing style, and how I lead readers along, is very similar to his style so it probably works to discuss things Whovian at times.

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Test post

This is a test post for my new category. Here I’ll post my personal ramblings about how it feels to be a writer, life (no politics. I despise putting my beliefs in my writing) and anything humorous I find while kicking about.