Weight of trains and Operation



csxt316 at lightfoot1I made a post earlier about trains and how they can’t stop, so I thought I’d follow up with some videos that show how heavy they are and just what it takes to get that TV, Car or Bottle of Orange juice to your house.

This video is from Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania in the United States. Note he isn’t going that fast because he’s climbing a hill. The engines operating on the rear are called ‘helpers’ or ‘pushers.’ The either push a heavy train up a grade or provide extra breaking for a heavy train to make it down the hill safely and not run away.



This website has a generator you can play with. Throw in the amount of tons you have, and a grade you want to create (bear in mind 1.25 is a good grade for a train. Anything over 2% is almost too much.) and it’ll tell you horsepower necessary.


Shooting in Greenville, NC




They state that the shooter had a bulletproof vest. As with the man in Colorado, I’d like to know where they’re getting the ballistic armor. You can’t just buy it off a shelf somewhere, or on the internet. Someone is supplying these guys with the armor and that’s who needs to be taken care of.

Furthermore, the shooter in Colorado had C4 in his apartment. Now, THAT is tightly regulated by the military, which is the only place it can be found outside of terrorists…so…where did he get it from??

There are many questions about all these shootings that make no sense. I could say what I think but I think I’ll keep that to myself.


For those who don’t believe me that Syfy is going to put this shit out, here’s a link. It’s supposed to air on July 11th. I just cannot believe what I’m seeing on a channel devoted to ‘science fiction.’ Have the ideas completely run out?? Why hasn’t anyone made a Honor Harrington movie??

No, that makes too much sense! We’ve got to have sharks in a tornado! That’s the ticket!

Tara Reid is not a great actress. The only role I’ve found that she was worth a shit in was playing ‘Doc’ in ‘The Devil’s Tomb,’ and that wasn’t a great movie. Cuba Gooding and Ron Perleman were the ones who made the movie somewhat palatable. So, I can’t see a failure of a movie here…





Idris Elba dismisses Dr Who Rumors




Things seem to be heating up a bit. With filming of the special to start in July, it shouldn’t be but a couple more weeks before Moffatt makes an announcement. You can guarantee one thing: no matter what Moffatt says, they have someone already cast, signed and ready to go. Jenna Louise Coleman had been cast, I believe, as far back as the early to mid 6th series but it wasn’t announced. 

No one will truly know the answer until it’s announced, but I also know something else: Moffatt lies! So don’t take the ‘we haven’t cast it’ bull crap to be the truth.