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A review of the Anime series “Freezing,” which is the basis for the game Scarlet Blade.

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Is Dystopia Overdone?




That would depend on your idea of ‘over done.’ While Science Fiction started with the glory days of the space opera, things have changed over the decades. The idea of the world not being a pretty place in the future is something presented in many novels. Is it right? It is wrong? Totally depends on your viewpoint of how the world’s advancing. If you ask me, the dystopian future is more likely then a positive one.

With that said, should Sci Fi writers shy away from it? No. Any idea can be ‘over done’ depending on the person involved. In all honesty, there’s no real original ideas left anyway and we all borrow from other people when we write. However, that’s neither here nor there.

What matters is your viewpoint on things. If you believe in the ‘Blade Runner’ type future then by all means write a book that fits what you see. Don’t worry about what others think! You the writer have to write the story you have in mind and then make it commercially viable-not the critics. Keep that in mind when writing and learn to ignore the artistes.

Happy Writing.

Council president wants vote on stadium – Richmond Times Dispatch: Latest News

I think this move is overdue and needs to be taken care of. When the Flying Squirrels came to Richmond, the city promised them a new stadium. Here is is 4 years later and nothing’s happened.

Yes, building the Redskins training camp was a big thing that needed to be done; however, it’s time to keep our word and take care of the baseball team or they’ll go the way of the Braves.

Council president wants vote on stadium – Richmond Times Dispatch: Latest News.

Comcast Part Two


I have just finished being out of cable and internet for the past four hours. And there’s nothing going on either!! It came back up 1 minute after the ‘estimated time for restoration’ (which I find funny as hell. Ever known anyone to be able to get something done within the MINUTE of the time they say it will?), further fueling my feelings that this is a controlled and planned outage.

Over the past 120 hours, the internet/tv has been down 10% of that time now. That’s ridiculous when you take into account that we’re paying $200 for the service.

And as a follow up, it was up 6 minutes before going down for another 10…

Comcast sucks…

Bad Brad’s Opinion


While I try to stay out of the sports business, (in the interest of transparency, my first bachelor’s is in Sports Management) I have to say that Brad. K. is more then right about what he says. I’ll explain:

NASCAR, like anything else, is a business. And this is something people don’t want to know. The first thing they said in Sports Management classes was: “Get the word ‘sports’ out of your mind. It’s ‘sports entertainment.’ Learn that term.”

Like any other business, the products of controlled, marketed and operated in such a way to maximize profits. No one goes into any endeavor without wanting to make a profit, and sports teams and owners are no different.

The France family, who own NASCAR and ISC (their track ownership arm who own 2/3 of the tracks on the circuit give or take) aren’t fools. They didn’t become billionaires by being stupid.

With that said, let me explain some dirty little secrets about the business side of NASCAR. First off, let’s talk demographics. On a rough guess (since I don’t have access to their records) I’d say their fan base breaks down like this:

50-53% Chevy

20-25 Toyota

15-20  Ford

5-10 Dodge

Yes, I know they don’t add up to 100% exactly. It’s a rough guess.

Now, if you’re running their business and 50% of your fans come to see a particular make run well, or win, each week…what would you do? If you were smart, and mind you the Frances are, you’d make sure that brand wins the corresponding amount of races to match the % paying to see the win.

This is why you see teams like Hendrick win so much. It’s not that they’re so “superior” to the others, but the fact that NASCAR needs him, and Richard Childress to a lesser amount, to fly the Bowtie banner. Without allowing them to run things that give them an advantage, then the Bowtie fans couldn’t count on the number of race wins they’d get.

And before you call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ bear in mind I know how this business works. And, if you ever get a chance to talk to people who’ve been on the NASCAR teams (and you’d be surprised how many IRL team members were in NASCAR before coming to open wheel) you’ll learn the same thing I”m telling you now.

It’s all business.


Thus, Bad Brad’s opinion is spot on and accurate. Nothing more, nothing less.

I could go on for an hour explaining how all this works, but I won’t. If anyone wants to know more, then they can drop a comment and I’ll be glad to discuss it off blog.