Question for my followers

I’ve been putting out a lot of snippets from my almost finished novel, along with a piece of a non-Talia novel that I started. What would you folks, writing wise, want to see? A complete chapter of the first one? More of the ‘Mickie’ novel as I write it or segments from my second Talia novel? The second Talia novel hasn’t even been touched for editing so there’s plenty of errors to fix in there so it’ll be a very rough read. There is some good dialogue in it though.

Or would you like me to show some of the more humorous elements involving Talia and her sisters in the first novel. They have a pretty good argument during a battle that is very funny. And there’s more to her story line with Dirrnyg also.

So, what would you like to see?

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Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom

Is today’s anime series I wish to speak about. It’s a about a pair of teen assassins for a mafia organization called inferno. The initial one, a girl named Ein (called the Phantom during the series due to her excellent skills), has been trained by someone called Scythe Master to be a killing machine. Using a combination of mind control, drugs and brainwashing, Scythe Master has been able to successfully remove all memories Ein has of her previous life.




Ein preparing to snipe a victim. She is a bad ass character in many ways. In fact the sixth episode is my personal favorite. In it there’s a hit carried out on a rival groups Don and she carries it out on motorcycle. To see her stand up while riding down the road and then riddle the car before flashing past sticks in my mind.

However, this series isn’t about just her. There’s a boy who witnessed the Phantom killing a person and then managed to evade her for two days before being caught. Right before she goes to kill him, Scythe Master stops her and he then carries out the program on him. The boy’s name is Zwein.



Here’s an image of Ein and Zwein.

As the series progresses, Zwein starts to help Ein get memories back, which leads to them leaving Inferno and then being hunted by their former employers. Whether they both live, or get their memories back, or are forced back into service, I’ll leave that up to you to find out. However, I think you’ll like the series.

There’s another one called Phantom: The Animation.  It has a very dark ending that I didn’t care for.


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The Grizzly


The Grizzly is a wooden roller coaster at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Va. It takes you up 90 feet and then drops you down at a speed of 50mph. The double figure eight track is interesting and definitely beats you up due to it’s being wooden. It’s a fun ride but I won’t raise my hands on it. I rode it today and had a blast!

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Kings Dominion

Today I spent the afternoon with my nephews, my sister, her husband John and my mother. We had a blast. The boys aren’t quite ready for the ‘big kid’ roller coasters, but that time is coming.

All of us (except for mother) rode the Avalanche Bobsled together:


The bobsled if an interesting coaster in the fact that one you reach the top, the cars ‘free run’ in that there’s no track and it makes it’s own path around the course. Last year I felt it was rough as hell and beat me up too much. This year didn’t seem as bad, which probably had more to do with only having a one year gap between visits compared to three.

My oldest nephew tickled me on this ride. It was the first ‘big person’ coaster in his life and it was…shall we say…interesting to say least.  He kept saying “I don’t like this. This hill’s too big…I want off..”

He finished the ride and said: I’m glad that’s over, my insides feel shaken up!

Priceless moment.

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