Richmond’s temperature readings may be too high – Richmond Times Dispatch: Virginia News

There are some serious idiots out there. I hate to tell them, but if the gauges are WRONG, then the temperatures being showed to us as ‘global warming’ could be wrong. No matter how you twist it, the numbers show there hasn’t been a massive warm up since the late 1990’s. Now, it’s more about government control and no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. And here’s why: Whenever someone says global warming, the very next words are “The government should..”

That shows its more about government intrusion in our lives then it is about the climate. Someone wrote a letter to this same paper 2-3 weeks ago saying we needed to stop eating meat to ‘protect to environment and stop climate change.’ What the hell?? If you wanted vegetarianism, then just say so! Stop with the silly ass ‘climate change’ excuses and tell me the truth! I’d have more respect for you, even if I completely disagree, if you stand up for your beliefs then to lie and use something else as a smokescreen.

This is why I don’t believe in the climate change bullshit. Too much crap it being hidden behind it instead of just telling the truth.



Richmond’s temperature readings may be too high – Richmond Times Dispatch: Virginia News.





Talk about clueless! I agree climate is changing, but I seriously believe that big yellow orb in the sky has got more to do with it then us. This scam, however, will do nothing more then enlarge government, add regulations and cost jobs. I’m betting when this happens these morons will be going: “Uh…we didn’t see this coming…we don’t understand why…” Cut the crap! You knew it would happen all along!

What is it with new writers and fantasy?



That’s been a post covered on one of the writing forums for the past couple days. And this determines the price of tea in China?? Fantasy is what most of the people from 18-25 grew up on. Between Harry Potter and Twilight, that’s what they’ve been exposed to, which means that’s what they’re going to write about. Is this such a complex thing to understand?

Sometimes I think people spend more time on boards complaining about something and making a mountain out of a mole hill. If the dumb asses just sat down and WROTE then they might create the next Harry Potty, Hunger Games or be the next Rowling, King or Grisham.

The moral of the story? Quit wondering about things and just write. You’ll be better off for it.

Happy writing.