Scarlet Blade Game Guide Medic, Punisher and Sentinel

To the new players who have joined SailorS, welcome aboard! I’m taking time to create a game guide to help you learn how to play the game.


Sati is an extension of Mother, the AI in charge of the ‘Ark Project,’ which created the Arkanas. She gives quests (both primary and secondary) throughout the game. Do not skip her missions (or any for that manner) because it will set you behind. Several of them are required to advance, while others give out enhancement stones, weapons, etc etc.


Scarlet Blade is a combination of Player vs Player combat and a Korean-style grinder. A grinder is a game that requires you to kill mobs (monsters) and do dailies to level up once your pass level 12 or 13.

The keyboard is a usual W-A-S-D set up. W goes forwards, A to the left, S backwards, D to the left.

Arcana Classes:


The medic is the most unique class in Scarlet Blade. She has the capability to keep herself alive, and her comrades through buffs and equipment. A medic is a major need when doing dungeons, etc.

Best gear to get for a medic depends on the piece of gear. As you note below, each item has a slightly different skill mix by the big ones are EVA, VOID, HP, Crit rate and Min and Max attack %

Important buffs for a medic are: Healer’s touch, veil of offense, restoration, veil of healing, shadowfoil, and eradicate.

Bear in mind that Medics are the ones that people look to kill the most. Try to build up your passive HP a lot and enhance gear for better HP. Secondly, stay as far back as you can to keep your buffs working. Medics aren’t front line warriors, so that will keep you alive.

-Heal and AoE heal for maximum nursing power 
-Various team buffs ranging from attack boosts to increased critical rate and damage 
– Heals means you rarely need to use HP Hypovials except in emergencies 
– SP Regen is pretty good, and a pretty large SP pool 
-Usually one Medic per dungeon party, which means any Medic drops are guaranteed to you on class roll 
– One of the rarer classes 
– Your measurements are perfect 
– You use a freaking backpack arm-cannon, that’s kawaii man 

– You’re not a class meant for, or even good at, DPS 
– Grinding and questing is slightly slower than other classes because of slower kill rate (depends on build) 
– You have to balance between heals, buffs, and damage, making skill point distribution a pain in the butt 
-People will give you flak if you don’t heal them properly 


Punisher is a long range attack artist. She is armed with a rifle that allows her to target foes from a distance. Punishers make a good backbone to groups because basically she’s the sniper of the bunch.


-Deadly long range attacks (great for KOs; you can out damage heals) 
-High DPS & damage output 
-Powerful critical hits 
-High critical rates 
-Relatively useful team buffs/debuffs 
-Grinding/questing is cake (assuming you rely on consumables from time to time) 
-Powerful mech form. 


-Relatively low HP & SP 
-Low defense (don’t even try to tank) 
-Wait time for cooldowns after first skill rotation 
-Relatively high SP cost for skills 
-Relatively high CP usage in mech form 
-Movement restriction for some buffs

6. Gear






Knee Guards: 


Sents are the ONLY class that can easily detect SW’s. They are the Kryptonite of SW’s.


Fastest in the Game

Ranged Attack (20 Meters)

Twin Guns Give Ability to Max out DPS (Damage Per Second)

And did I mention you can see Shadow Walkers when they’re invisible? (you see their name and where they’re moving at. The better your detection is, the better you’ll see them)


• Ranged single target killer 
• Highest move speed and attack speed 
• Passive stealth detection 
• Ranged and melee stun 
• Defense and Protection debuffs 
• Move speed, critical, evasion and defense buffs 
• Best attack passives 


• Worst HP and Defense (squishy) 
• Is meant more for support, while Punishers are meant more for attack. 



Depends on both Weapon and Passive attack skills to maximize offensive power

Void doesn’t do much for You…EVA is the way to go.

That’s your “perfect” gear. However, each person has their choice in how they want to build their Loli, so consider it a suggestion.

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