Wannabe Intellectuals and Bad Advice Part 2


I don’t normally go on a post that’s a pure rant like this one is, but I feel the need to vent. On one of the writing forums is a wannabe intellectual who has diarrhea of the fingers. Today he’s trying to tell folks chapters have
to be a certain length.

What a pile of complete bullshit!

Chapters in a novel are as long as they need to be! While I tend to write 3-5k chapters, that doesn’t mean every book needs ones that big. Some are as long as one word, one sentence or one paragraph. But to tell someone they have to be a certain length not only forces a new writer into a mold they don’t need to be in but it can hurt them in the long run.

Frankly, I get so damn tired of listening to the bullshit that comes from so many artistes who will never be published in their lives. All they want to do is tell folks how to be ‘artists’ but it pushes new and aspiring authors into going in a direction that’s not commercially viable.

If you sit back and read other novels, which I challenge folks to do, you’ll find that each writer’s chapters are a different length. There’s no hard and set rule about it!

God, I’m so tired of seeing such stupid shit pushed upon aspiring writers as a rule.


Quick Snow Update



I have 8″ of snow on the ground, freezing rain falling, which has stuck to the trees, making them pretty and more coming today. I took some pictures a little bit ago. Will post some of them later today.