The Calm before the Storm


As I look out of the sunset, it’s hard to believe that by this time tomorrow I’ll be getting dumped on with snow. Things look so peaceful and carefree that you’d almost think it was just another sunset.

Now, we have modern weather forecasting to keep an eye on things, but what about our ancestors? They’d’ve gone to bed tonight thinking nothing about tomorrow, only to have the snow storm suddenly appear. I can’t help but think about the dismay, fear and worry that they had in being able to make it through the winter and its storms.

Better yet, what about our friends to the south who deal with hurricanes? I wonder how many of them struck over the years, before we had satellites and other means of detecting them, and killed thousands because there was no warning.

Makes one appreciate the technology we have now doesn’t it? And imagine: just one hundred years ago what we take for granted would’ve been in a science fiction novel.

Idiots and Pseudointellectuals


I have to say that the moment I’ve been waiting for has arrived. There’s one particular brainiac (and I use that term loosely) on one of the writing forums who fancies himself/herself to be the end-all be-all of writing knowledge.

It’s funny to watch this person operate and how they have diarrhea of the fingers and never get to a point. This time it’s telling someone how their idea is contrived and sounds like it came from a supermarket tabloid. Well, armed with that person’s statement, let me shoot it down.

Any idea for a fiction story could be considered contrived since every story that can be told has been already. Second, it’s not the idea that matters but the person writing it. Third, does anyone really give a shit about what he/she really thinks? If he/she had time to write, then he/she wouldn’t be playing blind leading the blind.

Honestly, I’m starting to find the posts of so many people to be so humorous that I’m taking time out from writing to wait for them to be made. Hell, it’s worth one big ass laugh and a good dose of stress relief!

With that said, what’s the *worst* advice you’ve ever gotten in writing? I’m kind of curious as to what’s been said.


Frosty the Snowman!


Well, the forecasted amount of snow continues to go up for tomorrow into Thursday. While this time it’s supposed to start during the day (Yay!) so I can see it, it will cause a headache for the new graphics card that will arrive tomorrow for my desktop computer. Oh, well, I guess you can’t win everything.

Snow is pretty and I have kind of wanted one big snowstorm this year to consider it winter and looks like I’ll get it. After this it can warm up to spring and I’ll be one happy little writer. So…bring it on!

I think I’m going to try to get pictures of it with my camera and I’ll try to post them if I have juice. Hopefully the weather for the rest of you guys will be good. J