April is a Bad Ass


The anime series Coyote Ragtime Show is one that I’ve fallen in love with. And it’d not because of the good guys, but because of April, who is the leader of the 12 sisters (12 android assassins). While she’s tough, there’s more to her that makes her interesting. The little mannerisms, the body language and facial expressions shows so much about her. I took the time to look up the Japanese version of this episode and then the English-and her character is developed better in the English version, which doesn’t normally happen with anime.

This is a YouTube video someone made that shows the best moments of April. And the song ‘Bad Company’ is a good choice too.


I think folks should watch the video and then check out the series and see just what it is about her that’s so good.


A Day In My Life


Saturday is my favorite day of the week because it’s when I set the computer down, grab my DSLR and then meet up with a friend. We leave from here, have breakfast at a local Shoney’s and then see if we can’t see a freight train to photograph.

It’s a perfect stress relief for a writer.

Nothing is more relaxing-no matter how much I love writing-then to go out to concentrate on photography. It’s during this time that my mind detox’s and I end up creating plot ideas, stories or even create new characters. Yes, I’m still doing writing activities, but it’s far less stressful because I’m not sitting at the computer trying to figure it out.

Of course, this depends on whether CSX and Norfolk Southern cooperate and move some trains during the daylight hours. When they do it works out perfectly; if not, it becomes a long nap in my truck. Lucky for me today was one of those times that the trains were moving so I actually got to enjoy seeing a few.

Now that I’m home for the day, and have edited my pictures, it’s time to sit down and get back to writing. But, I couldn’t start up without talking about today and thanking you, the reader, for following this blog. J