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Crios entered the bar and wished she could turn around and walk out. The fog-like cloud of cigarette smoke turned the patrons into murky outlines. A large bar ran the length of the left wall, as customers sat around various tables while loud music played.

This is fun.

The rotten stench of stale tobacco and alcohol made her stomach protest as she wrinkled her nose. She loved a good bar because you could always find someone to take home when desired. This one, however, would be far, far down her list of pick up places and if they didn’t suspect Dragus involvement, she wouldn’t touch the establishment with a ten foot pole.

One thing for sure, it wouldn’t be hard to find someone in money trouble, or just plain greedy, which was one of her favorite tricks. When a person was behind, then they’d do anything to pay back the debt. The only problem would be finding the exact person, or persons, that were the best targets.

She approached the bar and sat down as the bartender walked up. His mouth was missing several teeth as he smiled and shot her a sleazy look. The man didn’t even try to hide that he was checking her out and she looked at his greasy, unwashed black hair and resisted the sudden urge to puke.


“What will you have, sweetie pie,”

She shot him a “did you really just say that to me?” look. “Double shot of scotch, little boy,”

“That’s a lot of booze for a lady like you. Sure you can handle it?”

She leaned forwards and then placed her elbows on the bar. “I’ve drunk stronger,”

He handed her a glass. “If you’re here, then you can’t be a fifty pound weakling.”

“Good, I’d hate to have to regale you with stories about combat,”

“You’re too pretty to be a marine. Mercenary?”

“Of a sort…”

“Tough girl, eh?”

“The worst you’ll ever see,”

“I’ve seen a lot,”

“Trust me, you haven’t seen the likes of me,”

“Well, just let me know if you need anything,” he winked before walking away.

The warrior looked at the man’s back and then chuckled under her breath. Was that supposed to be the best pick up line he had? Eighty grit sandpaper was smoother than that! Poor guy. She’d heard everyone that could possibly be created over the years anyway.

She sipped at the whiskey and struggled to keep a sour expression off her face. Anyone who called this crap a drink needed their heads examined. There were cleaning solvents that tasted better and didn’t cost as much!

What did she expect though from a dive such as this?  No matter where a traveler went, the sleazy places criminals frequented never changed. They were all filled with cheap booze and easy women. One could literally exchange the races involved and things wouldn’t change one iota.

I wonder how long it’ll take for someone to decide to talk to me.

A man sat down next to her and she didn’t look up from her drink. Well, that didn’t take long. Since the other women weren’t as pretty, he probably had sex on the brain. Too bad for him that wasn’t what she came for. Besides, she thought wryly, no human or Gahl man can resist an attractive woman.

“I haven’t seen you before. Where’d ya come from?”

Really?? That’s the best pick up line you can come up with? Sad!

She continued to sip at the drink, while letting her body language show disinterest. “A long ways from here,”

“I like your accent. Are you from Brownsville or Galveston?”

I wonder what he’d say if I told him the truth?

“I’m a twenty thousand year old alien warrior from a planet several thousand parsecs away.”

“That’s funny! Seriously, where you from, sweetie?”

She smiled slightly. “In the neighborhood,”

“I thought I recognized that accent! What brings you to Selkirk? You’re seriously slumming!”

“Slumming, eh?”

“That’s what I said.”

She downed the whiskey and motioned for another. “You been in combat, son?”

“Me? Combat? Hell no! I’m only interesting in making a credit.”

“Well, I’ve seen more than my share, so this ain’t ‘slumming’ after the hellholes I’ve seen,”

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