Ray Bradbury











I didn’t real tons of his writing but I loved what I did read. Fahrenheit 451 will always stay in my mind because of it’s message about censorship and thought control. While it hasn’t become widespread here-yet-there have been many instances throughout the world where books, thoughts and words were banned. As a writer I find this to be highly disturbing because I’m a strong advocate over free speech. I might not agree with what you say, in fact I might find it disgusting and ridiculous, but I’d defend your right to speak your mind to my dying breath. If we can’t have free thought and expression, then the ability to write fiction goes out the window.

The second book of his that I read was ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes.’ How many times have we as little kids found something in the circus or travelling carnival to be frightening? This novel takes that idea and runs with it. A travelling fall carnival (according to Bradbury’s narration in the novel the don’t come in the fall…carnivals come in the spring and summer) comes to town and sets up shop. Lead by the sinister Mr. Dark, who is covered by tattoos (each one representing a person tempted to join the carnival), they start to tempt people with their deepest, most secret desire.

Bradbury is masterful in his covering the good and evil in our natures, the time of growing up, and the concept of immortality. I recommend reading it if you haven’t before because it’s well worth it.


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