Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom

Is today’s anime series I wish to speak about. It’s a about a pair of teen assassins for a mafia organization called inferno. The initial one, a girl named Ein (called the Phantom during the series due to her excellent skills), has been trained by someone called Scythe Master to be a killing machine. Using a combination of mind control, drugs and brainwashing, Scythe Master has been able to successfully remove all memories Ein has of her previous life.




Ein preparing to snipe a victim. She is a bad ass character in many ways. In fact the sixth episode is my personal favorite. In it there’s a hit carried out on a rival groups Don and she carries it out on motorcycle. To see her stand up while riding down the road and then riddle the car before flashing past sticks in my mind.

However, this series isn’t about just her. There’s a boy who witnessed the Phantom killing a person and then managed to evade her for two days before being caught. Right before she goes to kill him, Scythe Master stops her and he then carries out the program on him. The boy’s name is Zwein.



Here’s an image of Ein and Zwein.

As the series progresses, Zwein starts to help Ein get memories back, which leads to them leaving Inferno and then being hunted by their former employers. Whether they both live, or get their memories back, or are forced back into service, I’ll leave that up to you to find out. However, I think you’ll like the series.

There’s another one called Phantom: The Animation.  It has a very dark ending that I didn’t care for.


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