Silly Arguments


I just spent a couple minutes scanning a popular writing forum and ended up, yet again, shaking my head. Why would I waste my time on sites like that? Mainly for comedy relief because it makes me laugh as the artistes argue about what should and shouldn’t be. The last 2-3 days there’s been an argument going on about whether writing is a craft. What a straw man argument! What else would writing be but a craft? It fits the dictionary definition to a tee.

Additional silly items that were argued about for weeks:

What makes a character a bad-ass? To make the answer short and concise, it comes from who the person is and how they react to events. These guys spent 3 weeks constantly going back and forth about it without ever answering the question. The sad thing? The answer was in front of them the entire time. I guess wannabe writers are so smart they can’t see the forest for the trees.

Whether or not your writing is in a feminine viewpoint? What the hell? I’m not sexiest in the least but what in the world did the ‘Bechdal Test’ have to do with telling stories?? As I said above, the artistes are so smart they’re stupid. Instead of arguing about silly items, they’d be better served writing instead of worrying about things such as this.

Stephanie Meyer. Now, and I’m probably in the minority, didn’t see anything glaringly wrong with her writing when I scanned ‘The Host’ while in Barnes and Noble over the weekend. What makes me laugh about this is the fact that she’s making 49 MILLION  dollars this past year. Not bad for a ‘poor writer,’ don’t you think? She’s sitting in California making all that money while artistes on some forum, who are barely making minimum wage-if that-from their writing, are complaining about it. Hey guys! How about spending that time creating a worthwhile story instead of going after another writer.

So, as you can see, I have plenty of comedy relief each day to read. As more and more come to light, I’ll post about it on my blog. Have a good day!

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