Syfy Network and their Stupid Movies



First of I’d like to know who in the hell comes up with the so-called ideas they’re putting out. If this is the “best” of science fiction that they, or anyone else for that matter, can think of, then we’re in deep shit. Why do they keep churning out stupid shit like “Sharknado?” A tornado with sharks in it?? Come on!

Sometimes I think they’re trying to insult our intelligence, while at other times I think it’s to use the names of some of their larger TV actors and actresses to try to increase viewership. However, writing stupid shit like this doesn’t do that at all. In fact, it’ll drive more folks away then to them.

In many ways, other then a pair of TV shows (especially since Eureka was cancelled), I don’t have much to do with the channel. What does paranormal activities have to do with science fiction? If I want to see that, then I’ll go rent a video! Furthermore, what does “Saw IV” have to do with science fiction?? That’s horror guys!!

The only things that redeem the channel with me is “Continuum” and “Warehouse 13.” If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t watch the channel at all-and I’m a die hard science fiction fan.

I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting and need to go back to listening to AC/DC while I work on another installment of the serialized novel. Either way, the ideas coming from that channel are enough to make me pull my hair out.

Stop with the shit Syfy.


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