New Mexico State Brawl

Having been a Sports Management professional before, I found the New Mexico State brawl last night to be most disturbing. There’s no reason for teams to be in a fight, much less fans storming the court to pound on another player.

As society continues to degenerate, it’s no surprise that people are growing more and more violent. Whether it’s racially motivated, economically or otherwise, it’s become far more prevalent than it used to be. While there are many reasons for it, it’s now starting to affect sports in a negative way.

There is zero excuse for fans to storm the court and involve themselves in any altercation on the playing court. This is will eventually lead to someone getting hurt seriously or possibly killed. Both outcomes are the kind of event that sports management professionals want to avoid.

I hope the negative publicity of what happens will prevent another brawl, but I’m afraid it’ll have the opposite effect due to assholes who will want to copy it.




One thing I see a lot of the forums is how to make a plot. While it’s a simple thing, a lot of new writers can’t get a grip on it. So here goes.

A plot is basically how your character goes from point a to point y at the end of the story. What happens between the two is what is called a plot. The conflicts, and what the character has to overcome, are part of what makes up a plot.

The dictionary definition of plot is:

the main events of a play, novel, movie, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence

Each piece of action is then tied into another one, which helps to make the story move forwards. So, the thing to remember is how to make it tie together.

For example, Ice Station by Matthew Reilly: Someone sees a strange ship sticking out of the ice in an underwater cave before being killed by an unknown animal. Scarecrow and his team of marines are sent to investigate. They then have to fight the French and British Special Forces who want the craft. Then they had to defeat a person from a secret organization in the US government before finding out what the craft is. Then the resolution.

That’s a plot…each piece tied into another to help push things forwards.

I hope this helps out.

Talia Rough Draft Snippet 2-27-2014




The woman in white shirt and black pants convulsed several times before dropping to the concrete as if a puppet with its string cut. One of the soldiers ran up and then knelt down to check her for weapons.

Sergeant Mason Williams started to approach, not taking his eyes of the young girl. She was beautiful; her silver hair shined in the sunlight and her high cheekbones and slightly rounded chin combined with her slightly pale skin to give her to appearance of an angel who’d descended from heaven. Incredibly, despite the situation, his manhood started to grow slightly until he looked away.

My God, he thought, I’m getting a hard on for some spy.

“Sergeant!” A soldier snapped. “The prisoner’s isn’t breathing!”

“Medic!” He snapped.

A cold chill ran down Williams’ spine as he watched the medic race over and then kneel beside the pilot. This couldn’t possibly be happening! If that woman died, then he’d be in serious trouble with Command for using a taser on her instead of just taking her into custody.

“Sarge,” another man said. “I think you need to come over here.”

“What is it?”

“Better to show you.”

The medic backed off a bit to give him room to kneel down beside the woman’s prone form. When the woman fell, she hit her head on the concrete and a small piece of skin hung loosely from her temple and it revealed something strange. A normal person’s body, especially their head and face, was full of blood vessels, which meant head wounds tended to bleed a lot, and this one did. However, instead of the normal thick, red flow of blood, a thin red colored liquid ran from the wound and then pooled around her head.

“If that’s blood,” the medic said, “Then she’s got the worst case of hemophilia that I’ve ever seen.”

“If that’s not blood, what is it?”

“My guess is some sort of red fluid meant to simulate blood, but that’s not all.”


“Here,” the medic used an infrared thermometer to scan the pilot’s forehead. “Look at this.”

“One hundred fifteen degrees?” Williams said. “I thought a normal body temp was ninety-eight something.”

“Within a degree or so, yes,” the medic said as he used a gloved hand to wipe the fluid away. “Notice something?”

Williams wasn’t one to be taken by surprise by much, twenty years in the military and being in several war zones took the ability away, but this discovery made his heart skip a beat. Normal wounds have red flesh underneath once the top layer of skin got peeled away. Except this one gleamed under the light of the sun and he looked at it and then at the medic.


“Uh huh,” the medic said.

“What the hell do we have here?”

“I don’t know.”

Williams never took his eyes off the girl as he raised his radio up to his mouth and then pressed the transmit button. “Command this is Sergeant Williams. We have the pilot in custody.”

“Bring her in then,” came the crisp reply.

“I don’t know about that. We have something strange here.”

“Like what?”

“She’s got metal under her skin.”

“So?” The woman said. “Plenty of people have steel plates.”

“And a body temp of one hundred fifteen degrees?”

“Are you shitting me?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Ok, I’m contacting General Thomas at the Defense Research Center for orders. This is now within his purview.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“And don’t let anyone near her, Sergeant. And I mean it. If anything happens to her, you’ll wish you’d never joined the military.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The communications was cut.

“You heard the woman,” he said. “Let’s keep her secure.”




Alex couldn’t believe his luck when it came to his golf time. Once again he was headed out for the links when the call came in about the strange woman at Andrews Air Force Base. This one, however, intrigued him far more than did the one in the sealed lab because it looked human, while the other one vaguely did.

And the fact that the woman, or whatever she was, could fly a fighter at Mach two created a mystery that even the old soldier found impossible to resist. Throw in the fact that the craft came from the orbiting ship and it made from a match made in heaven-or hell if she proved to be dangerous-for the eggheads. Maybe the being on the table in front of him could shed light on the one below that they hadn’t found a way to activate yet.

From the safety of the observation room the General watched the eggheads work and couldn’t help but start to get excited. Military technology always needed to advance to keep up with the growing threats around the globe, and the woman’s body could potentially be a treasure trove of information. Not only for new weapons but about the people who made her and whether or not they were a threat to mankind.

He activated the com. “Are you sure they can’t feel anything?”

“Her skin is synthetic,” the lead researcher said. “So, I’m sure that she can’t feel it.”

A scientist rolled a cart over to where they secured the woman’s prone form. Even knowing that the thing on the table was unconscious and probably couldn’t feel pain didn’t keep Alex from wincing as the researcher ran a scalpel around the circumference of the woman’s arm. Once done, he peeled the skin off, exposing the metal skeleton underneath.

“Amazing,” he said.

“Look at the details,” the scientist said. “It mimics our body to the minute detail. Ligaments, tendons, joints…”

Alex had to agree that it was indeed an amazing sight to see. The fact that someone, somewhere was able to make a mechanical body that mimicked the human form to such an extent boggled his mind. How many lives could be saved if they could send artificial people to the warzones to fight instead of flesh and blood soldiers?

Those and a thousand other thoughts ran through Alex’s mind as he thought about what to tell the President. A finding like this couldn’t be kept from the Chief Executive, but that didn’t mean he needed to tell the man everything. Yes, it was dishonest as hell but what the current administration didn’t know sure wouldn’t hurt them.

Although, he thought, it could possibly cost me my commission and pension.

“General,” a researcher said. “You need to see this.”

“What is it?”

“It’ll be easier to show you.”

He motioned to a guard to escort him before heading for the door. Just because the woman was unconscious didn’t mean she would stay that way and keeping someone around to defend him sounded like a good idea to Alex.

Although, he thought, could a bullet actually stop something like her?

“What do you have?” He asked as he approached the table.

The woman was borderline beautiful, and young enough to be his daughter, which did make this operation a bit tough on him. Her silver hair, almost the color of an anime character, and athletic frame reminded him more of a college student than someone from another planet. And what made things worse was God only knew how strong she’d been once awake.

“There’s a small port on the back of her head. We missed it earlier because it was covered by her hair.”

“What do you think it’s for?”

“If I had to hazard a guess, it’s for a computer interface.”

“Do we have a way of connecting to it?”

“It’s much like a USB port,” the scientist said. “But I don’t know if it’s wise to link something like this to our computer network.”

“What if we put her onto a closed system, one that doesn’t have any connections to the rest of the base or outside world?”

“That could work.”

“Make it so,” Alex said. “I want to know what that thing thinks.”

“It might take a little bit.”

“Just make it happen. I don’t care how long it takes.”

“Yes, sir.”

The Return of Eugenics and Why It’s a Bad Thing

Today I read an article in Bloomberg about designer children. In this case they were combining the DNA of one man and two women to make a “superior and healthier” child. Well, the reeks of eugenics and let me explain why.

Back in the 1920’s, a movement began called ‘eugenics’ and it had a simple belief: that a superior human being could be bred. This went hand-in-hand with scientific racism, where the scientists tried to say that based off the shape of a person’s head, their skin color, etc could determine their intelligence. It was this belief, and the eugenics idea of breeding the superior person that led to the rise of the Nazis.

Thousands of people were deemed to be unfit to reproduce under eugenics and were either forcibly sterilized or coerced into doing it voluntarily. In fact, Margaret Sanger (Creator of Planned Parenthood) was a major eugenics supporter. In their minds, Asians, Blacks, Native Americans were all inferior and everything was done to prevent them from having children-all in the name of science of course.

This is why I’m bothered by this article because it’s bringing this issue back to the front again. The last time it came to the front we had the holocaust. And why was that? Because Hitler and many of his followers in the high ranks of the Nazi Party were all eugenics supporters, which lead to them killing millions of Jews. Do we want to do this again?

In the novel “A Brave New World,” this is the basis of the dystopian future. In the novel, people were separated by class depending on their DNA/Intelligence and then assigned jobs. I can see that coming out of this too.

And people wonder why I and many writers too, write dystopian futures. It’s because we’re headed towards one at warp speed and have zero intention of slowing down any either.



If there’s one thing that freaks out new writers is how to write the flashback. So many times on the forums they’re told not to write them; to avoid them at all costs. Sad thing is you need to write them sometimes so let’s briefly discuss them.

One thing to avoid is putting them as the opening scene of a novel. That is boring to an agent and that’s who you got to impress first.

From there on, don’t make it difficult to merge it into your main story. Mine are seamless in the Talia novel and are then used to make a mini-scene within a scene and then I merge it back into the main story. A couple times I start a chapter off with them and one time I have an entire chapter that is one that I use to tie the loose ends up between Talia (who is nearly immortal) and her son, who is mortal.

To put it in a nutshell, don’t tie it all up in a single way and stay away from the cliché dream sequence either. There’s tons of ways to add it to your book! Explore them all and see which one fits your style and story.

I Feel Great Today


Note the lie I just made. I’d be fine if my nose wasn’t running like it was in the Boston Marathon. That’s the worse part. I can deal with the headache, sore throat and sinus issues, but the running of the nose is annoying as shit.

It tends to make me lose focus on writing because every time I get one a roll then my nose gets annoying and I have to stop and blow it. How the hell professional writers can keep it up when this stuff happens beats me. Maybe they take the time off and then catch up later. Perhaps that’s what I need to do. Especially since I’m on the last two chapters of the Talia novel.

Who knows. Hopefully, it’ll be ok.

A Chilling Article

As you guys know, it’s very rare for me to bring out my political views and beliefs on this blog. I feel that I’m a professional and that my personal life should be kept separate from the professional, but this is something I can’t stay quiet about.

The FCC is in the testing stages of going to the various TV stations and “analyzing” their “biases” and “how stories are decided upon.” Well, that’s scary enough but it’s what comes next that’s the kicker.

They are also going to speak to reporters and station managers and give them 8 “voluntary suggestions” of things to run. Here’s just 2 of the 8.

1. Environment

2. Employment Opportunities  

Now before you jump on me saying I’m throwing out some right wing talking points, it’s not right-wing politics that drives me on this. The fact that the Government is going to sit there and “suggest” (aka tell them what they can broadcast) the news reeks of censorship. I’m sorry, but as a writer this is the deadly serious issue and I personally have had to adjust my writing already due to the massive politically correct landscape-but this takes the cake. 

If someone doubts me here’s a link to the story. Note that it’s written by someone who works in the FCC.

Anyone reading this who is concerned about free speech, please reblog this and get the word out.